Monday, August 19, 2013

Favourite Things Party

I put off posting about this because I didn't take any pictures meaning this will be wordy but it was so much fun that you're getting it anyway.

For at least a year I wanted to throw a favourite things party and when we moved into my in-laws amazing house the time was right... and then 8 months went by.

I really wanted this to be a special party and a Facebook invite just wouldn't cut it so I printed these invites and mailed them.  When was the last time you got an invite in the mail?  I loved that it was a little different.

Let's talk about the design of this invitation though... I've already mentioned that I'm great at re-creating someone else's work and surprise surprise... that's what happened here too.  I found this great invite on Pinterest and recreated it.

And that is the last picture I have.  Sad isn't it.

Well June 6th was coming closer and like 3 people were coming.  3 people who didn't really know each other... so I moved the date forward a week with far more success.  In the end about 10 people came... a perfect party number.

For food I made my favourite, chicken taco salad only I put it in cute little tortilla scoops.  I also made red velvet cupcakes in a jar.  People brought some of their favourite foods and we enjoyed them all.

We ate and visited and then we got to the best part, the exchange.  When people arrived I had them write their name down on 5 slips of paper and we put them in a jar.  Each person pulled out 5 slips and gave away their favourite items to those 5.  If the same name was pulled twice we just put it back and pulled a new one.  Now would be a great place to show a picture of all the great things people brought but I have nothing.  Instead I'll just have to tell you.

To make this look more interesting I found some online photos to make up a collage
A. A Starbucks gift card with the girls favourite drink written on it
B. Bath & Body Lip gloss & some lotion (Sorry, I forgot the lotion)
C. Some body spray
D. Dental Picks - A note on this item.  This is one of the 5 that I got and it has changed my oral health!  Since getting these I floss twice daily.
E. A power bar.  Now these are not the right brand and I'm sure the girl who brought them will be sad that I don't have the right brand because she says they are the best.  Sorry Lisa, I can't remember the right brand.
F. Exfoliating facial scrub - Again, another item I won and I'm loving it.
G & H. Gel Eyeliner & Brush - This is what I gave, I love gel liner.  If you haven't tried it don't be intimidated, give it a try.
I. Pretty Wrapping Paper - I thought this was such a great unique item.  This girl said she loves pretty wrapping paper and had tons of them, loved it.

I'm sure there is an item or two that I forgot but it's been quite some time, I was impressed I remembered so many of them :)

I also planned one little fun surprise.  Before I handed over the bowl I added one slip that said SURPRISE!  When the lucky lady pulled it out I retrieved the bag I`d assembled of my favourite things.

A. Smoothie Cup - every day I drink a smoothie and I swear it tastes better in my smoothie cup
B. Bath & Body Works Foaming Soap - I love this stuff, I have it at every sink in my house in all different scents
C. Loreal HIP eye shadow in Wicked - I love love this eyeshadow, it's my absolute favourite
D. Pink pins - they make me happy when I sew
E. I couldn't find a bag of Big Feet so the Swedish Berries had to do, but they're a close second.
F. One of the best things I've ever made is my needle book.  I love how easy it is to find and organize them.  F is an inside view and I is an outside view.
G. Dairy Milk Salty Carmelized Peanuts - So yummy!  Our favourite candy bar
H. NYC Appelicious Glossy Lip Balm - Sorry, I can't remember what colour I gave away

So there you have it, my Favourite Things Party.  It was so much fun that I think I"ll need to host it yearly.  Now there is one thing I would do differently, the bag of my favourite things was so much fun I wish I'd split it up so more people could have been surprised.

You should host your own, awesome!


alygir said...
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Sarah said...

That's awesome! I totally want to do this now!!! The guests bring 5 of the same thing? Right?