Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What the Girls Wore #97

Remember our post that was dedicated to Things Eden Puts in her Mouth?  Well we've entered a new phase, Things Eden Climbs On.  Folks, we have a climber.  I'm trying to prepare myself. (And rest assured, in all of the climbing photos I'm right beside her, ready to catch in case she falls)

I dipped Eden is the pool and apparently it was a little cold.

 Catie found Grandpa's hat in the van, she looked super cool.

Uncle James came to visit and I'm not sure Eden really ever cuddles with me like that, she loved her Uncle James.

This is what happens when you refuse to give Eden your iPhone.

And here's the first of Eden climbing.  She gets up there all by herself and is super proud, if only she could get down.

She loves her books

Allright, so this isn't one of my girls but this picture Catie drew was just too awesome so you get to see it anyway.

I thought it would be a good day to go to the park.  Now normally at the park Eden and I sit on a blanket while Catie plays but I went to a different park this day.  I set Eden on the ground and spent the next 20 minutes keeping rocks out of her mouth.  Eventually we ended up on a bench.

Playing hopscotch

I love when she concentrates on a toy.

She loves climbing on the couch these days.  She learned how to go down the stairs and applies this skill to getting off the couch so she spend lots of her day there.

She thought it would be a good idea to brush her hair.

A rousing game of What Time is it Mister Wolf

And now she's climbing on the chair

Just riding the A&W car

Proud of herself for being up on the picnic table.  She goes there instantly when she's let outside.

We went to the Magrath parade where they throw candy, she loved it

And Grandma gave Eden a sucker, she knew exactly what to do with it.

Brad's a genius.  He had the great idea to add this little stool beside the couch and not only can she get down but she can get up all by herself too.

Mr. Potato Head lips

The Carousel at Calaway

She's getting so big.

And one last Eden climbing to end things.  I think she has special things in mind for me.