Monday, January 29, 2007

Cookie Dreams

At Christmas time my roommate made these sugar cookies. She didn't want to ice them, but me being me, I refused to let her get away with that, you just have to ice sugar cookies. So she made me help her ice them :)

Helping myself to a finished cookies, I took one bite and was immediately 11 years old, sitting in my Mom's kitchen at the counter helping her ice, eat and package cookies to send to my siblings who no longer lived at home. This was one of the traditions her and I had. We did it every year. They had to be heart shaped and had to have pink icing piped on them, preferably in two different colours. I'm sure the cookies broke in the mail when they were shipped but it was the thought that counted.

After that one cookie at Christmas I knew I had to have heart shaped cookies on Valentine's Day. When the Bishop gave me my new calling as the Enrichment Leader my first thought was, Enrichment icing Valentines cookies! So that's the plan!

I'm thrilled to share my Valentine's tradition with those around me, if you're lucky I may even save you a cookie :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Laura, my mouth is watering because some of those cookies at Valentines (in pink) and at Halloween (in orange)always came through the back fence. Now I not
only don't have a back fence but
there isn't anyone that makes me
yummy sugar cookies. Of course I
didn't ever make them myself because I didn't need to. A big
thank you for all those years of
wonderful sugar cookies that you
helped your mom ice. I love you!
Guess Who?!

Unknown said...

Conda Rae? Is that you?
Sure miss you on the other side of that fence :)

Anonymous said...

I heard that they didn't really make the cookies - they outsourced them!!!

Mrs. Solomon said...

that sounds wonderful... my husband is going to be at a.t for two weeks in february. He's in the guard, and I just might make the boys in his unit a batch of cookies for valentines day. thanks for the idea!

Mrs. Solomon!