Friday, January 9, 2009

Cutting Expenses

With the new to our new apartment has come an extra expense, bus fare.

Don't think I'm complaining because I really am lucky, Brad drops me off at work in the mornings and he also picks me up 3 times a week, so taking the bus twice a week is no big deal. But it is going to average out to about $20 bucks a month, and then you need to add my recent Hazelnut Chocolate Starbucks addiction. I've had to take the bus twice now and both times I've stopped on my way for this yummy treat. Soon my $20 will be up to $30.

As an attempt to curb the habit, this afternoon when I started to crave the yummy drink I instead headed over to the kitchen and made myself a free hot chocolate from the machine.

Lesson Learned: There's a reason so many people choose Starbucks over the free coffee / hot chocolate option… that stuff was not very good, certainly not worth the calories.


Debbie Myers said...

Laura I was the same way with StarBucks addiction! I found Vanilla Cafe Latte can be made with Herbalife Cafe Latte and Van. Protein drink mix for 1/2 the cost! Yummy and also has 24 gm. protein & 26 vit & nutrients. side effects healthy weight loss & management:)