Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kind of Boring - sorry

Wow, I just opened up my blog and was shocked that my last post was the Green Mist one, I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything.

I apologize, I've just been so busy at work and then I have no desire to use a computer when I get home.

Since this entry we've celebrated Brad's birthday. We started with dinner at the Keg and I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed it more than I did that night. We followed up dinner with a movie at his parents house on their big screen tv.

One difference we've noticed between our old apartment and our new place is the sound travel. We don't necessarily hear our neighbors but the other day we were watching a movie and our upstairs neighbor came to complain that it was too loud, that definitely never would have happened in our old cement block. So we took advantage of their sound system as well and watched it especially loud.

We continued the celebration on Monday by having his family over for dinner and it was such a nice evening. I still can't believe that we have the room to host his whole family but we had a great meal and I think everyone was comfortable.

I'm reminded nearly every day how blessed we are to have our new apartment.


Jenny said...

I LOVE our cement apartment building. We hear nothing! I think when I go back to a regular type place, I will have to tone it way down!

Michelle said...

Yay for your new apartment! I was already thinking "hey that's so awesome they can have all those people over for dinner, they couldn't have done that in their other place!" YAY!