Monday, January 5, 2009

Highlights of 2008

  1. Zoo Trip – March 19

  2. Paying off our car – April 15

  3. Spring Softball

  4. Jenn & Nathan's Wedding in Edmonton – May 3

  5. Sarah Slean Concert – May 5

  6. The Discovery of Carcassonne – May

  7. Kimberley with Byron and Rosie – Jun 20-24

  8. Spruce Meadows Horse Jumping – July 5

  9. Birthday Softball Game – July 7

  10. Jimmy Eat World Concert – July 12

  11. So You Think You Can Dance (the US version, not the Canadian)

  12. Magrath Celebrations – July 26

  13. Week at the Lake with the Anviks – August 9-16

  14. Brad getting accepted to UofC Engineering – August 20

  15. Fireworks Competition – August 22

  16. The Fist Game of Ticket to Ride (thanks Bryce) – August 31

  17. Corporate Challenge Softball Tournament – September 13

  18. US Thanksgiving weekend with my Family – November 27-29

  19. Christmas Vacation

  20. Our new apartment – December 20

  21. New Year's at the Johnson's

This years list isn't quite as impressive as last year's, I kind of forgot to update it until August so most of the items had to be remembered later, not right after I'd experienced them. It's still a good list though.

I thought this year I'd add a lowlights list as well as there were some truly crappy moments (most of them involving a certain awful landlady).
  1. The worst hair cut ever - March 21

  2. Being screamed at by crappy landlady for her illegal entry to our suite

  3. The car being broken into

  4. The death of the microwave

  5. The spraying pipe in our kitchen

  6. Having to move when it was -30 - December

  7. The move out inspection with crappy landlady - December

I hope your year was great with lots more highlights than lowlights and I look forward to a great 2009.


Jenny said...

I love, love, love "Ticket to Ride"and am so sad that I did not mention it on my year in review.

I really enjoyed the "Lowlights"

Laura said...

I know it sounds super dorky but we should play on-line sometime :)