Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craving #3

It's interesting how these cravings pop up… at some random moment I'll have a thought, "I've got to have some candy". Or "Chicken wings would be perfect right now". I wasn't even thinking about food at the time and then all of a sudden my head (stomach?) wants these very specific foods. Well craving #3 has appeared and it's no less weird than the other two, right now it's all about Pop Tarts. Remember how they used to be so yummy fresh from the toaster, how the icing would burn your mouth and the filling would be sweet and warm, well they're just as good as you remember so go out, buy a box and enjoy.

I've started on Strawberry and plan on moving to S'mores later this week.

(as I was looking for a suitable photo of Pop Tarts I came across this... homemade Pop Tarts... they look yummy and someone should make me some because it sure won't be me)