Friday, May 22, 2009

Cotton Candy Fail

I saw a recipe not too long ago for Cotton Candy Cupcakes and thought it sounded amazing. I love cotton candy ice cream so how can you go wrong with a cupcake version. For flavouring all they did was throw handfuls of cotton candy into their icing but I figured I could do better than that.

First hurdle, where do you get cotton candy in May? After a surprisingly low amount of looking it turns out you can buy small bags of it at Superstore, good thing I was paying attention that day.

So here was my brilliant plan, take a bunch of cotton candy and dissolve it in water and then reduce it down to a thick syrup to concentrate the flavour. Then add that to my icing for yummy cotton candy goodness.

Sadly it did not turn out as well as I had imagined… I followed the plan, boiled the liquid until it was a thick (brown) syrup and then added it to the icing. I gave it a taste, fully expecting carnival yummy-ness… what did I actually get? Buttercream. Ugly, brown, yet tasty buttercream icing. I still had more cotton candy so I threw some pieces in hoping it would help but sadly no, in the end it was still just brown buttercream. It was time to make the best out of bad experiment so I coloured the icing pink and blue and swirled it together on top the cupcake, I garnished with more cotton candy (which today is all shrivelled and crusty) and called them done.

Work will be happy to eat them even if they don’t taste a thing like cotton candy and they sure are pretty.

My next attempt will involve finding cotton candy flavouring on-line.


Michelle said...

to find the flavouring try any place that sells sucker supplies

Laura said...

That's brilliant!

Lita said...

Hey Laura. I have a HUGE bucket of blueberry cotton candy sugar. I can give some to Jamie to give to you, if you want. How much do you want?