Thursday, May 14, 2009


It seems lately that Catie has become a little less active. I don't know if that's normal but I used to feel her lots in the morning, evening and night. I still feel her so I'm not worried but she definitely kicks less these days than she did a week ago.

Brad and I were talking about how it's hard for him to feel a connection with her, I feel her growing and moving and she makes me hungry and grouchy (not so much anymore) but Brad doesn't have any of that. We've both been looking forward to the time when he can feel her move so he can start to develop some sort of physical connection. The slow down in her movements has made this take a little longer than I thought it would.

I had him try to feel her move a couple days ago but it was disappointing so I wanted to wait until I was sure there would be positive results. This morning she was giving some good kicks so I thought we'd try it out. There were a few little ones that he didn't feel but after a good size punch I asked if he felt that… he got the cutest smile and said yes, he thought my stomach muscles had twitched, didn't know it was her. So Catie kicked for her Daddy and I'm so glad! They're going to be such good friends.

No one will love her quite the way that he will. He can't wait to nibble on her toes and her fingers and her nose. We're hoping they'll watch hockey together and we're determined to build us a softball player. I can't wait for this girl to meet her Daddy.