Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Button Ruffle Scarf

I saw this button ruffle scarf and thought it was awesome so I made one for Catie, here's how it went.

I started with this scrap of knit fabric that I had left over from some pajama pants I made for myself.

I cut out two pieces this shape.  I actually used different measurements, I made them smaller thinking that the scarf was made to fit a bigger girl.  In the end I don't remember what measurements I used but I wish I hadn't made it smaller, I like the look of the longer one.

I then cut a 3'' strip of fabric from what I had left from my ironing board cover.  I cut down then length and it was pretty long so I figured it would be plenty long.

I took my long strip and pressed it in half, then I sewed a large basting stitch making sure not to backstitch and I pulled the ends until I had a long ruffle.

Then I went to pin it to my fabric and realized it wasn't long enough.  So I cut another strip, pressed it in half, sewed it to my first ruffle and then sewed again.  I broke my thread  and ran out of bobbin thread but eventually got the strip to ruffle.  Then I carefully pinned all around one of my brown pieces, raw edges together.  For the ends of the ruffle I just gradually ran them off the fabric and cut them once it was sewn.

Once it was all pinned I sewed the ruffle on making sure to sew just a little further than my ruffle seam so it would show when I was done.  The corners are a pain to do and I ended up having to unpick a couple folds that got caught.

One side note, I love the way ruffles look but apparently I hate working with them.  This is where I quit taking photos because I was annoyed the project was taking so long.

Once my ruffle was sewn I layed my second piece of fabric down and sewed it on top making sure to leave a couple inches open so I could turn it inside out.  I turned it and topstitched all around, really close to the edge and pressed it all flat.

Then I made two button holes.  On the square side of the scarf I measured up 1.5" from the bottom and side and marked with a pin.  I did the same on the other side and had two pins, these are the bottom of the buttons.  At this point I stopped and waited until morning when Catie was awake, I tried the scarf on her and marked where my buttons should be, I hand sewed them on and called it done (the buttons aren't actually sewn on in this photo).

Here's how it wraps up

And another picture of Catie modelling

You should definitely check out Living with Punks, her photos are great, her daughter is adorable and her tutorial is much more detailed.