Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foam Chair - Fixed

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It's been so long you probably don't remember when I re-covered this foam chair.

I had taken it apart and waited a week to put it back together so by then I didn't really remember what I was doing.  I started sewing it back together in a really random place so by the time I got to the last couple seams there was no room for any extra fabric and not surprisingly my pieces weren't exactly the right size.  This left me with some puckering, it looked really awful.  I left the chair out for Catie to play with even though I hadn't ever added the final elastic to the bottom so the fabric had been flapping around since I stopped work on it in July.  I finally felt up to the task to finishing so I unpicked some seams the other night.  I ended up needing to unpick 4 seams, not too shabby.

I re-sewed them smoothing out the puckers and then added elastic to the bottom.  When my Mom gave me her sewing machine she gave me some accessories and stuffed in one of the boxes was this elastic that was exactly what I needed (I'm not sure she meant to give it too me but I knew it would come in handy so I kept my mouth shut, the cat's out of the bag now though.).  I'm sure it will be old news to some of you but I'd never seen it before.  It's like they've taken a piece of elastic and folded it in half for you, so you open up the fold and insert your fabric and then close the fold and sew, like bias tape.  Does that make sense?  It made finishing this super easy.  I stretched as I went and it ended up nice and tight.  Those marks in the foam were there when I got it and it was free so no complaints.

It looks so much better than before, here are some side by side photos.

Here's one more before and after to remind you what I really started with.


Mitz said...

Oh it looks beautiful and yes, so much better! Good work!

Ellen said...

Looks great! You are a pro at tackling projects like that...sometimes I chicken out with stuff like that! Great job!

Robin said...

Such a great job! I never bought stuff like that because I didn't want to have a disney themed... anything really, never thought to just cover it up. lol. thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

Wow great job! I like how you used elastic at the bottom...looks easier to make than a zipper plus easier to put on and take off as well!

My mom gives me a lot of her craft stuff but some is off-limits...if some stuff "accidentally" winds up at my house I keep quiet too!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I made a Pottery Barn Knockoff chair that I blogged about following a pattern I bought online. Your version is much better though because of the elastic- the zipper makes it hard to put on take off, which as you can imagine is something that needs to happen often.

Robin said...

Love it. I have had so many of these foam chairs come in and out of my house and i have never once thought of recovering them.

AUDRA said...

I'm always amazed at what you can do... I just threw mine out... I should have kept it!
Thanks for sharing at Socialize with me Monday til Sunday