Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Catie Wore Wednesday #7

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I feel like I'm starting to run out of items you haven't seen yet, don't be surprised when lots of these are repeats or if I miss a day.


Pink Shirt - Superstore
Brown Skirt - Children's Place
Brown Baby Legs - ??


I realize this isn't a great photo of what she's wearing but you've seen it before.
White Onsie - Superstore
Argyle Sweater Vest - H&M
Double Button Jeans - Old Navy


Purple Hoodie - Walmart (I think it looks super cute with the hood pulled up so I pulled it up for most of the day, she doesn't seem to care.
Bootcut Jeans - Old Navy

I added her raincoat later and some cute sparkly runners we got at Walmart.


I spent all day today at a craft fair selling necklaces. When I left Catie was eating breakfast in her PJ's.  After spending all day with Daddy she met me at the door wearing her same PJ's.  Pajama day!  (Daddy was still in his too)
Striped Sleeper - Superstore

She's playing Peek a boo in the picture only what you can't see if that her eyes are only half covered.  She loves to play and just started using her hands instead of other objects, she doesn't quite get the need to cover entirely yet.

I think she's getting less and less co-operative as a model... I'll keep trying.

Blue Striped shirt dress - Old Navy
Beaded Necklace - Made by me
Brown Shoes - Walmart
Beaded Socks - Made by Grandma West

Then we went out and I added her rain coat which you've seen a bunch so I didn't photograph it, I also added this ear warmer made by Lots of Knots.  This picture doesn't show how really cute it is but she'll wear it again, I'll get a better picture next time.

Lots of pictures today...
She didn't really wear her pajamas for very long but they're new and I think the elephants are so cute.  We got them at sears.

I know her head is cut off but this was the best picture of what she was wearing.
White Onsie - Children's Place.  I wish it was from Carter's but I can't get them where I am, I'm going to arrange for some long sleeve ones soon though.
Green Dress - Superstore
Cream/Pink striped tights - Sears
Brown Shoes - Walmart
Headband - Made by me

Here's one with her head.

If I'm being honest though 95% of the day was spent like this.

I'm working on re-covering her car seat so we can't drive anywhere until it's done, that meant we didn't go outside today so there was no need for shoes.  There's also no way I'm going to bother with a headband if we're just at home.

The elastic in the dress looks so cute when it's pulled down but it creeps up A LOT, it looked like this more often than it was pulled down.

There you have it, another week of the best dressed girl.

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Anonymous said...

Your baby is adorable! She's got cute clothes too. :-)

Visiting from Pleated Poppy.

Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

She is so cute! Do you have a crazy 8 in your area? We love it and they have the cutest little girl clothes. Here is the website:

Laura said...

I've never heard of Crazy 8 before, we definitely don't have one. Their stuff looks super cute though.