Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Catie and I Wore Wednesday #8

Another week of What I Wore Wednesday.  I decided this week that since the weather turned a little cooler I would participate with Catie.  I've also decided that I stink at taking photos of myself.  I tried the mirror photos but since you can't use the flash I can't take a clear photo to save my life, they're all super blurry.  I started using the timer function and the results are a little better.  As with the last round I did I'm not really ever going to show you my shoes because my selection in pathetic.  I wear flip flops as long as possible.

Here goes.

I'll start with Catie since she's so much more fun.

Jeans - Old Navy
Striped Dress/Shirt - Superstore
She probably has a Carter's onesie on under there

She wore these cute shoes from Zellers, I love how the toes turn up at the end and they were only $7.

Jeans - Reitmans
Brown zip up Hoodie - Concert.  I went to this concert once for Hellogoodbye.  I wasn't actually interested in them but a friend had an extra ticket so I went.  Boys Like Girls was playing with them and at the time I loved them (at the concert they couldn't have been more full of themselves and my interest faded after that).  One happy result of this concert was the opening band, The Hush Sound.  They were an awesome find and the highlight of the show.  The sweater says Hush because it's a band sweater, it's soft, comfortable and a favorite in the fall.


Headband - $1 store
Striped Ruffle shirt - Superstore
Brown Sweater - Mexx
Skinny Jeans - Children's Place
Shoes - Zellers

It was a little chilly so when we went outside we added the Button Ruffle Scarf - Made by me

White Tank - Shade
Striped Shirt - Old Navy
Long Sweater - Old Navy 
Jeans - Reitmans

Striped T - Old Navy
Brown Sweater - Mexx
Brown Pants - Old Navy

Turqoise T - Gap
Striped Sweater - Walmart
Brown Pants - Reitmans

One more photo of Catie just because the above one is too far away

Hair Clip - $1 Store
White Onesie - Carter's
Yellow Sweater - Old Navy
Embroidered Jeans - Esprit
Brown Mary Jane's - Walmart

White Tank - Shade
White T - Old Navy
Red Sweater - Ross?  I can't remember, I got it on a trip to Great Falls with my Mom.
Jeans - Addition-Elle
Dizzy Daisy Watch


Headband - Made by me
Adorable dress and sweater - They're on loan so I'm not sure.  I think they're from a boutique in BC
Shoes - Zellers
Faux Pearl bracelet - Made by me

Oh dear this outfit is a fail and will not be worn again.  I wish I hadn't looked at the picture right before church, no time to change but I felt self concious all day.
The dress has big sleeves that I don't love so I wear a white t underneath and you can see it through the top.  The dress is also a little short (mostly in the back) so I only wear it with tights but the pattern on these tights looks awful with the pattern on the dress, next time I'll wear plain ones.  I'll not wear this exact outfit again.

White T - Shade
Polka Dot Dress - Motherhood (Yeah, it's a maternity dress)
Tights - Sears
Shoes - Herbergerz.  I should have taken a better picture of my shoes, they're the only ones I like :)
Dizzy Daisy Watch

There are lots of photos for today
We started the day like this.
White Onesie - Carter's
Heart Shirt - Superstore
Jeans - Old Navy
Jelly Shoes - Anabanana

Then we went to Park Lake.  It wasn't nice enough to swim but we did some wading.

I traded the jeans for Guess Capris.

I'm wearing
BRAND NEW White tank - Shade (so nice!)
White T - The Gap
Capris - Reitmans
Flip Flops - Old Navy

Then she tripped and fell in the water so I put her jeans back on and added her cute Roots Hoodie.  Her shoes were wet so she wore her pink crocks instead.

White T- H&M
Grey Cord Skirt - Children's Place
Patterned Leggings - The Bay
Flower Shoes - Payless

I know this picture is special.
We needed to go grocery shopping quick so Brad could get to school, there was no time to do anything better.  No makeup, terrible pony tail.
Red Shirt - It's Brad's, I'm not sure where it's from
Brown Pants - Retimans.

I'll shower and make myself more presentable later but this is how most of the day was spent, just barely a step up from pajamas.

There was our week, slightly better than the last time I showed what I wore and I actually have a couple things left that I didn't show, perhaps I'll participate next week too.

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sisters4saymoreismore said...

super cute... i sort of die over that scarf you little bug is wearing! so cute!!!


Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

Your daughter is adorable. I know what you mean about looking at the pic from Sunday. I hate when I take one and then go " I really wearing this?" but then it is too late to change.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I love how you included your daughter's outfits also! Very cute!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

I love your Saturday outfit, it is so pretty on you! Also great is the special touches of earrings and the watch on Saturday. And your daughter is adorable!

Tana said...

How cute your and your girl are. I love the quilted monogram. What a great idea. Anyway I ventured over to you from Fireflies and Jellbeans. Now I would like to inviting you over to my blog spot at, so that you can check it out, become a follower (if you’d like), and grab Hector Bat the free HTML image that I created to share with you all, so that you could decorate your blog page for Halloween. (Just click on the image and follow it to my Photobucket album then copy the HTML and paste it into you HTML gadget box.)

Michele said...

I like your sweaters. Your daughter is such a cutie!!!

Justine said...

Your little girl is so adorable! And you look great int he polka dotted dress!

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