Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Bunny

So Halloween is coming and every year I dread making costumes. But then I start and realize that Halloween costumes are hilarious. They're easy to make because they don't have to last and you can skip steps.

That being said, Catie wanted to be Sofia the First this year and it would involve a big sparkly ball gown, that I could buy at the store for $40. I can't make the dress for less than that so we bought her costume this year.

That just leaves Eden.  My sister made the cutest My Little Pony costume for her daughter using a great tutorial on Sugar Tart Craft but Eden's a little young for My Little Pony.

My only goal for her costume was for her to put it on and think it was cute so I needed something recognizable. I also think toddlers with painted whiskers are super cute. I decided to go with a bunny, using the same tutorial but altering it. It was surprisingly easy, came together quick and it turned out great.

Eden thinks it's very cute and I can't stop chuckling about that big bunny tail.

She was hopping like a bunny here

She thinks her tail is funny too

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