Monday, October 20, 2014

Updated Kitchen Chair

So I've replaced my kitchen chairs, thank goodness because the old ones were incredibly rickety but we needed a computer chair.  We have a really nice, high back and padded one but in this house the computer is off the kitchen and I didn't want that eyesore there.  Also the computer sits on laminate flooring right above the bedroom of our basement neighbor and I couldn't imagine trying to contain that noise.  So while we're in this house we're using the least rickety chair.

Years ago I gave them a makeover so they looked like this

But now they were dingy and disgusting and I was ready for a change.

Using some foam leftover from the couch I beefed up the padding and found a scrap of fabric in my stash that worked perfectly.

It looks cute, is way more comfy and works great at the computer.
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