Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pictures of the Girls

It's been such a long time since I posted any pictures of the girls so here's a bit of a recap.

We spent the summer going to the zoo where we saw a huge turtle that Eden was in love with

We played in the pool on the deck

We went to Grandma's house and saw these cool birds

That one behind her is real, not stuffed

And saw bunnies at the petting zoo

Both girls had birthday's, Eden with giant cupcakes

and Catie with an Elsa cake

We went to Calaway Park with Grandma

and Catie started school

She likes riding the bus the best

It snowed

And then turned really beautiful again

We spend ridiculous amounts of time at the park since Catie's bus stop is at one. 
We play there almost every day

We moved to a new house that the girls love

And Catie got two new cousins (though we haven't met Cassidy yet). She loves baby Beatrix though and wants to hold her every chance she gets

We've had a great summer and fall so far.


Jenny said...

I love the snowy picture right in the middle. Oh, Calgary.
PS They actually acquired 3 cousins...

Cheryl said...

Your summer looked awesome! Don't forget baby machen! Can't forget that cute kid!