Thursday, October 16, 2014

Emerald Ottoman and Pillow

You saw my couch yesterday but that space wasn't quite finished, I knew I needed a pillow and and wanted an ottoman, so I made both.

I followed a tutorial to make the ottoman here and I happened to have an end table that I could use. We've had it since we were first married and I didn't ever love anything about it.  It suited our needs but it was orangey, boxy and too tall.  The top had also got pretty scratched up after all our moves so this was the perfect use.  I chopped off the legs, painted them and then followed the tutorial above. I have possible plans to jazz up the legs a bit but I'll show that if it eventually happens.

Also it turns out this fabric is really hard to photograph and this is the only picture I took that is usable.  The fabric is satin which is a pretty risky choice but it was all I could find in the right colour, I don't imagine it will last terribly long but I'll hope for the best.

My favourite part of this project was when I let Catie prime the legs for me, she was so proud of herself and did a surprisingly good job though she was really unimpressed when she couldn't get the paint off her hands (not water based).

I found a small pillow at Value Village that was the perfect size and covered it in the same fabric, using piping around the entire thing.  I think it's incredibly boring and I really wanted to do something with pleats but decided in the end that the couch and ottoman had enough going on and left the pillow plain. I'm sad it's boring but I think it's the right design move.

So now you've seen the couch and you've seen the ottoman, let's put them together.
First, here's how the corner looked when we first moved in.  You can see the table/soon to be ottoman in by the couch. Pretty hey?  I think people thought I was crazy to put all that random stuff together, and that rug look so awful with the couch :)

With all the changes it now looks like this and it's my favourite spot in the house. Notice the new lampshade I scored for $8 and the slouchy basket to keep a cozy blanket in.

And a couple more photos for good measure.

Now I just have to keep little girls with messy hands away.

**Update** I've been using this ottoman for about a month already and I really dislike it.  The fabric is all wrong (that's what I get for trying to use satin). 4 of the covered buttons have popped off, there are water marks, the fabric doesn't hold the pleats and it's an all around failure.  I've already ordered new fabric so an update will be coming. Hopefully take two will be more successful.
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Amanda said...

Laura! Amazing work!! The after shot has so much personality!!
Question: where did you get the large family photo printed?