Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New to me Dresser

And here's a project I have yet to start but it's a nice piece of furniture so you can see it now, my brother found it for me for $20.  It's old, has cool castor wheels and the drawers slide smoothly.  It sits in the kitchen, underneath our tv and holds all the girls crafty things.

I don't love the shape of the top, it looks like it should have a mirror attached but I can deal with that.  I'm already working on a plan.

It's in pretty good shape but the top especially is pretty scratched up so I think a makeover is in order.

Paint is my go-to but I think for this piece I'll try my hand at re-staining.  We'll see how that goes though because that's a lot of sanding.

I've already ordered these cute knobs to replace those ugly ones though.
Round Vintage Floral Knob - Antique Nickel 32mm (904)  L-P10114-AN-C