Friday, October 17, 2014

Laminated Kitchen Shelf

This project is hardly worth blogging about and I'm far more proud than I should be but it's my blog so here goes anyway.

In my kitchen I had this one really deep cupboard and it was almost useless because there weren't any shelves in it.

We rent our home so I wasn't sure just how to add a shelf.  I was going to add thin strips of wood on all three sides for the shelf to sit on and that would have worked just fine but I didn't love the idea of it. I also figured I'd use some plywood and paint it white and it would be better than what was there but not great looking.

Then as usual my Mom came to the rescue. She looked in her basement and found an old laminated shelf that we cut to fit, then as the icing on the cake she found a strip of laminate that you iron on to the front.  It fits right in.

What I'm really proud of though was how I thought to hang it.  I zipped over to Home Depot and picked up some of those little metal pegs that are used on adjustable shelves.  You know the ones, when you have a shelf and there are lines of holes, you slip the pegs into the holes on all 4 corners and it's nice and secure.  So I bought the pegs for 42.48 and drilled 4 holes, tapped in the pegs and popped the shelf on.  It took about 10 minutes.
The shelf is way more useful now and it looks so nice I'll just leave it there when we move. You're welcome next tenants.
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