Friday, March 27, 2009


A couple weeks ago we noticed that one of the headlights on our car was burnt out and so Brad took it in to get fixed (I know, we probably could have replaced it ourselves but didn't feel like it), where they inform him that actually both headlights are burnt out. What? We for sure had one headlight the night before which means that either during the night while we were sleeping or on the drive over that morning we lost the second one. That makes no sense to us but they actually showed him the burnt out light so he couldn't exactly argued it. We replaced both lights and moved on. This was on Wednesday of this week.

Well this morning our car made some funny noises but we brushed it off until later this afternoon when the power steering quit working! It seems so strange that it happened so close to the last repair and makes me more than a little suspicious. To top it all off, wouldn't you know it but our warranty expired earlier this month. Grr


Michelle at peek-a-boob said...

Don't drive on the highway! Someone is clearly trying to kill you and soon you will find that the brake lines have been cut too. I'd be dusting for fingerprints....

Julie Lewis said...

Clearly Michelle is right. Definitely dust for fingerprints.