Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bladder Control

I think my uterus expanded well into my bladder last night… I've already peed 3 times this morning!

Makes me miss my old building where I sat just outside of the bathroom.


Jenn said...

It's those *#&! pregnancy hormones. My record is 8 times in 1 night.

Julie Lewis said...

I'm quite certain I have beaten Jenn's record. It got downright embarrassing. With Jonathan I almost made an appointment to see if I had a bladder infection before it occurred to me that I might be pregnant.

Michelle said...

All I can say is that when i was pregnant with the triplets, i was so glad that i had a potty training toddler and my friends daughter was potty training as well, cause when we were out in public it wasn't so embarrasing to go 3 million times, cause thats how often potty trainers go anyways