Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My dentist is leaving the practice! I'm so sad to lose her, she's been my best dentist to date. She remembers me and is the sweetest woman and would have been excited to hear that I'm pregnant. She's removed my wisdom teeth and took care of the tiny cavity I needed filled. She was even sweet to me when right before my wedding I had some pain and couldn't tell if it was just a little canker sore or an actual problem (turned out it was a canker sore). I'm a little more devastated than I had expected to be. I don't want to see Dr. K, I don't know who Dr. K is! I need a wisdom tooth pulled, that's a big deal, I trust Dr. Kostyk.

What a tragic discovery. And to top it off they're both working really lousy hours until April.


Julie Lewis said...

Just be grateful you can go to the dentist when you're pregnant. My gag reflex was so sensitive I had to use a kids toothbrush instead of an adult one. There's no way I would have risked going to the dentist.