Monday, March 23, 2009

Late to the Party

So I know this video is all over YouTube and if you're anything like me you thought, "Sheep LED? Random, I'll watch it some other time." And then before you know it three weeks have gone by.

Well today I was sick of seeing the video and not understanding or thinking I'll watch it later.

The video is just so much more awesome than I could have imagined. I think it's the music that really pushes it over the top but if you haven't watched it yet you should, because it's awesome.


Cathy West said...

I can't believe you made me watch this. It is so dumb. think I don't have anything to do

Unknown said...

What are you talking about?! They make fireworks out of Sheep!

Kim said...

ha ha - it was pretty cool to watch!

milissa said...

I would have never watched this without your recommendation. It was AWESOME!!! I am showing it to all my family, coworkers, any one else walking by! That is real talent! Thank you laura!!

Unknown said...

Thats awesome! What a random thing to "brighten" my LED day