Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

I’m not sure I believe in what many women call pregnancy brain and have suspected it’s just a myth to explain silly everyday behavior but I’m finding it harder to deny these days.

It was my Mother-in-law’s birthday so that means we all get together for dinner and plans are made through a mass email chain. The plans were set for Monday (yesterday) and we were excited.

Sunday my Father-in-law calls to confirm that I’m making a cake for dessert… what? A cake? This is definitely the first I’ve heard of it and I must not have got that email. Brad knew about it but said he forgot to mention it. It’s okay, Father-in-law has a back-up and I’m off the hook.

The thought of this cake keeps coming back though and I keep wondering how I missed the email, so I double check… I definitely did get the email and I’m certain I even read it; the cake part just went in one ear and out the other. Didn’t sound familiar and I made no initial plans, that’s definitely not like me.

Then today, I’m working on a project and later in the morning I try to confirm some details, only the person I confirm with has no idea what I’m talking about. It’s not their project at all and despite me clearly remembering talking to her about it, it really wasn’t her.

I need to pull myself together, this is getting embarrassing.


Michelle said...

so actual baby fact...in one of my pregnancy books it tells you that when you are pregnant you brain actually shrinks...seriously. I was a little scared cause I wanted to know if it shunk 3 times the "regular" shrinkage when I was pregnant with the triplets. Oh and not to scare you....I have yet to find all the brain cells that shrunk when i was pregnant with taylor let alone the triplets. Its just a good excuse to be just a little more crazy

Michelle at peek-a-boob said...

Yeah, the best part about pregnancy brain is that it's followed by mommy brain, and I'm not sure which is worse!

Kim said...

I was going to chat with you after choir on Sunday, but as you could tell Brianne was passed tired, so we left early. Not that I was all that opposed to leaving, I am having a hard time getting excited about the practices this time around. Most of the songs are one's we have done before at various things and some of them I'm not sure I like. Anyway, maybe I'll catch up with you next time. We plan to leave Brianne with the Hawryluk's for the evening.

As far as pregnancy brain goes, I have a bad memory at the best of times - and pregnancy just made it worse - it was awful!

Jenn said...

I remind my self more and more of Mom everyday. You know . . . can't remember my kids names, forget what I was saying in mid-sentence, etc. It really kind of freaks me out, actually.