Friday, March 6, 2009

iPod Hero

One thing I've noticed and been surprised by is the amount of really vivid dreams I've been having lately.

There was the one where my Sister-in-law was pregnant from some random guy, the one where I stood up to the iPod thief (at camp) and the one where I became a pop superstar (right!). I even had one where I had an awful growth on my hand.

I've never been a big dreamer and I usually can't remember them so it's been really odd to remember them in such detail. I've heard that some women dream more vividly during pregnancy and it definitely seems to be the case for me.


milissa said...

The dreams get better as you go along. Mine started out great, but some turned ugly. I left the baby in the car when I carried groceries in the house, My cousin died from an accident, My house burned down... they just got more strange. Good luck!