Monday, March 2, 2009


For the past couple weeks there has been an announcement in our ward bulletin about a Stake Easter Choir Cantata. It's being organized and conducted by a women in our ward who we really like and who's been supportive of Brad's choir director calling, plus we thought it sounded like fun so we decided to go.

The evening for the first practice came along and we ended up having to miss as we had a big family gathering to go to. We weren't worried though, we'd just go the next week. Until a family gather was planned for the following week as well. We both really wanted to participate in the choir though so we figured we'd just leave the gathering to go the practice and once it was done we'd go back. Practice starts at 6:45, we'll be back by 8 ish we figure.

So we get to practice and there are lots of people there and lots of them have water bottles, seems pretty hard core for the hour or so I was expecting… until I notice the folder of music. There's LOTS of it, and then the girl next to me mentions that the previous week they practiced until 9:00… with no breaks. And then we find out that some of the practices are on Saturdays not Sundays and this thing is HARD CORE!

We tried to discreetly slip out early to return to our evening plans, the conductor looks at Brad and says, "Where are you going?" (she's kidding though, not being rude).

So we've reevaluated our dedication to this choir now that we really know what we're getting in to. We've decided we're still interested though so this week we have some catching up to do and from here on out we're committed.

One other thing we discovered… our singing voices are both out of shape and man our breath control is lousy.


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness you are a better person than I am. I would have told her I was going to the bathroom and ran out the door!