Wednesday, March 22, 2006


“That looks…sexy”

I’d just made up this very nice little chart for a report I’m working on. Upon giving it to the person I was doing it for that was their response.

It made me chuckle and seemed blog worthy.

Nothing about this particular chart was very sexy. It was a map of Canada with boxes of information surrounding it. Funny how different things look when they're important to you.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Thoughts of a Rainy Day

If the weather were my mood today it would be dark, cloudy and rainy.
Despite my really great weekend I'm sad.

When I was little my Barbie's always had the same name...My average time at every job I've worked is 3 years. I've been in Calgary for 6 years and only lived in 3 houses, all within 8 blocks of each other. I don't like change...I don't like when change is forced on me...

I don't like when people think they know me and it turns out they don't have a clue.
I worry too much about what others think...
I should be nicer...

Most of all I don't like drama

I shouldn't blog when I'm sad

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday Dinner with Cam

Ever had an evening so good you weren't sure how any other would top it...last night was that night.

Sunday dinner with Cam was full of many pleasant surprises. We were a little concerned about the dinner because Cam was nervous and we felt we'd kind of forced him into hosting but all our concerns were for naught...Cam not only held his own but he took it to the next level.

It started off as any other dinner, set up and preparation. None of knew what we were eating but we'd been given very specific instructions on what to bring so we were looking forward to seeing it all come together. Kabobs were on the menu for the evening and the question was raised...what makes a shish kabob different than a regular kabob? Jane is happily cutting some meat we found in the fridge when Cam opens the oven to reveal mostly cooked marinated steak and chicken, in an act of pure instinct Jane freezes, "Cam am I cutting up your dinner for tomorrow?" The fridge meat was in case we ran out, which we didn't but it was a beautifully classic moment.

I was whipping cream in an ice cream bucket due to the lack of a bowl when I noticed cream all over the counter...when using an ice cream bucket to whip cream make sure you check for cracks in the bottom of the bucket. :o)

Cam amazed us once again by pulling out "the BBQ set". It was so awesome it defies description. Dinner was delicious, dessert was a perfect ending to the meal.

Next came out Catchphrase...I'm a little ashamed that the girls were beat 3-2 by the never should have happened. Personal highlight of the evening "Shut up Nathan!" I don't think I've laughed that hard in a year, it brought me to tears. Thanks Cam

Just when we thought the evening was coming to an end Cam stepped it up again and out came the smores.

The evening ended with a chuckle after us being not so subtly kicked out so Cam could head to bed...the memories from this evening will be long lasting and hopefully the next dinner is not shadowed by the overwhelming success of this one.

One of the highlights of 2006 for sure!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Middle Name Pride Day!

Happy Middle Name Pride Day!!!

Hope everyone is celebrating...I have a pretty sweet party planned for the evening. We're all going to go by our middle names for the evening.

If you didn't already get the evite you should stop by my house tonight at 7:00, it's going to be a good time!

Hopefully I'll update this with pictures of the actual event...hope to see you all tonight!

Have you ever had a day where you were so bored that you typed up your grocery list and organized it by the layout of the store? (I know, pathetic) That was my day looks like it will be about the same...hopefully I'm wrong.
At least that was the first really boring day in a while.

Stay tuned for Middle Name Pride Day Pictures
M (Michelle)