Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What the Girls Wore #89

So I know I already shared Halloween pictures but I didn't show a full shot of Eden and she looked adorable so here's our Eden kitty.

Taking a nap, I loved her little tail sticking out of her blanket.

Catie loves the Christmas tree and she spends most of the day playing around it.  She's pretty good at only touching the decorations with one finger.

My two ladies.

Catie is such a great big sister, she gives her sister big hugs and reads her stories and loves to see her.  I couldn't ask for better behavior.

All dressed and ready for church

She was eating the candy off of Eden's pajamas... "Uhhm, Uhhm"

Cousin Gwen came over and the girls decorated and ate cookies

Hanging out in hyr favourite place, the bumbo.

Cousin Emma, she's a month older.


Love that face

Catie came upstairs one morning and this is what she was wearing.. her pajamas, a sweater dress on top of that, a twister t-shirt and a sweater around her waist.  I loved it and other than the sweater she wore this all day.

Daddy and Eden.  These two have a special bond. She looks just like him and she settles for him much better than she does for me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey here's something I've been meaning to mention for, oh a year and a half.

I'm on Instagram and I've been using it sort of obsessively. You can find me under laurawiebe.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sledding for the First Time

Kids make things magical.  I am not a fan of the snow, not even a little bit but today we decided to take Catie sledding for the first time and we had so much fun it worth all the trouble.

First we bought a cheap sled and bundled the girls up like marshmallows

And headed outside.

Frosted Mini Wiebes.

We walked to a hill really close to our house, Catie in the sled and Eden in this awesome wooden sled my Mother-in-law found.

Here's her first trip down with Daddy, once she reached the bottom she immediately shouted, "Let's go again!"

I had pretty low expectations for Eden's behaviour.  I expected to spend a few minutes with Brad and Catie and then I'd go home with mad Eden, leaving them to continue.  It looked like that was exactly what was going to happen until she surprised us by falling asleep.

She spent the rest of her time here, fast asleep and missing a shoe.

I even took a couple turns down the hill, though my skill was much worse than Daddy's and we always ended in a gentle crash.

Climbing the hill.  We were very impressed that Catie pulled her own sled up every single time.  When she got too tired we came home.

Crashed at he bottom of the hill.

It wasn't long before Catie was ready to go down on her own, she loved it every time.

Climbing yet again.

There are these moments you plan in your head.. family outings that are magical and memorable and perfect and 9 times out of 10 they end in disaster and chaos and are nothing like you thought they'd be.  This was one of the exceptions.  We had a fantastic time, Eden slept, Catie laughed, the weather was beautiful, everyone was warm enough and we'll go again for sure.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What the Girls Wore #88

Making cookies with Daddy

My Halloween Kitty

And sadly this is the best picture I have of Catie in her Halloween costume.  Eden and I were back in the hospital on Halloween so I missed trick or treating with Catie.

Sleeping soundly... it's a rare occurrence

Hanging out in the bumbo

Grandma bought Catie a new sparkly dress that she loves (sorry the photos so blurry)

Almost ready for toys.  She looks far more interested in the bug-a-loop than she actually is.

Hanging out at the hospital ER with Eden, at least this time is was 8:00 am instead of 3:00 am

My IV girl

I have the best family.  This hospital stay was much more difficult for me this time because I missed Halloween with Catie and then the next day she threw up and had a fever so I knew she was home sick and I couldn't be there for her.  I was talking to my Mom on the phone and I was pretty sad which made her sad because she wanted to be here helping but she couldn't. She did the next best thing, she sent my Aunt Betty to the hospital.  Betty stayed with my crying baby and sent me home to be with Catie and Brad for the evening.  It was such a gift and there aren't words enough to describe how much it meant to me.  Here's Betty sitting with Eden.

I almost forgot about those cute fabric shoes I made for Eden but I found them just in time, they just barely fit.

While I was at the hospital Brad picked up these awesome sunglasses for Catie.

Starting to play