Friday, January 30, 2009


So lots of people call their unborn baby a peanut, or maybe an alien… forget that, at this point we are very clearly having a baby dinosaur. Our very own little Wiebeosaurus.

Pardon the poor image but here's a diagram to help.

Hopefully our Wiebosaurus is born without claws and is not a Velociraptor, I saw Jurassic Park. L

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Week 6

So far (fingers crossed) I haven't been sick. I've often (almost always) felt nauseous but I've appreciated that I haven't been throwing up every morning. I realize it's still early and it could definitely still be coming but I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope I haven't just jinxed myself.

There are two things I have noticed. One is that I'm exhausted. All the time. Today at lunch I went into the "Wellness" room and tried to nap, the only problem is I'm a terrible napper! It takes me a long time to fall asleep so I generally lie there waiting for sleep to come and long before it does it's time to get up.

The other thing I've noticed is how emotional I am. I'll be watching some tv show and it won't even be a big tear jerk moment and I'll start to tear up. I mean come on, I cried in Transformers. Hoping this symptom doesn't last though I suspect I'll be an emotional wreck by the time the baby comes.

Kind of Boring - sorry

Wow, I just opened up my blog and was shocked that my last post was the Green Mist one, I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything.

I apologize, I've just been so busy at work and then I have no desire to use a computer when I get home.

Since this entry we've celebrated Brad's birthday. We started with dinner at the Keg and I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed it more than I did that night. We followed up dinner with a movie at his parents house on their big screen tv.

One difference we've noticed between our old apartment and our new place is the sound travel. We don't necessarily hear our neighbors but the other day we were watching a movie and our upstairs neighbor came to complain that it was too loud, that definitely never would have happened in our old cement block. So we took advantage of their sound system as well and watched it especially loud.

We continued the celebration on Monday by having his family over for dinner and it was such a nice evening. I still can't believe that we have the room to host his whole family but we had a great meal and I think everyone was comfortable.

I'm reminded nearly every day how blessed we are to have our new apartment.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Green Mist

I finally did it. I've had this same green purse for the last 3 years and it was the perfect size and nice and plain, no buckles or rhinestones; just cute green with black trim and I loved it. Sadly, nothing lasts forever and after 3 years it was in pretty rough shape. The straps were no longer green as the covering had all peeled off and it was just the threads underneath, the corners all had holes and it was dirty. I've been looking for something new for quite some time but everything in style right now has the aforementioned buckles and rhinestones so I continued with my sad worn out bag.

A couple months I actually found one that I liked but the $53 price tag was a bit much for me so I dismissed it, bought a cute wallet instead and kept on with the threadbare version.

Then as a pleasant surprise we found out that Brad gets a bonus from work. We decided to be both fun and practical with it. Brad got some iPod speakers and I decided I would splurge and buy the much needed purse. It's slightly larger than the previous model and has really handy inside pockets and is green (which I loved). It's been a great purchase, there's just been one downside that I discovered this morning.

This inside of the purse is covered in this green, fuzzy, almost plasticky material. This morning I pulled my Palm out to add to my calendar and noticed that it had this slight green film on it, apparently the green fuzz is wearing off, and coating the contents of the purse. Hopefully this is a temporary affliction.

This picture is the best I could find, my purse is the same only a lime green with red and white flowers. You should check out the website, they have really cute products.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Personal

This goes along with the Trust post and is a little personal but I thought it worth recording so here goes.

This new phase in our life is a pretty huge one, a baby changes things in an exciting way so I decided this would be a good time for a Priesthood blessing from Brad. Kind of like a going to school blessing but instead this would be a having a baby blessing.

As part of the blessing Brad mentioned that our baby (correction, children) would be healthy. He also mentioned that through trusting the Lord, reaching out to him and listening to the Spirit I would know how to comfort our children and that I would be able to quickly recognize prompting when concerning them.

I've been quite concerned about this baby, not for any justifiable reason but because I think it's too good to be true so it just seems like any day now something bad will happen. Because that's been my attitude I've been having a hard time being very excited, like I'm afraid to let myself be happy about this so I'm not disappointed when something does happen.

This is no way to think and certainly no way to show that I believe in what was said so I've turned over a new leaf. My part of fulfilling the blessing is to not have so many concerns and just know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me and things will be just fine, to get excited; to think about this baby often, to find out what's happening right now with it and to be so excited I can hardly wait to tell people.

March 1st can't come soon enough (the day we decided to tell people), I'm excited to ask my sister questions, she's one of the best Mom's I know so I'm looking forward to drawing on that knowledge.

The Poll - Conclusions Drawn

So the Poll was a big success, thanks for participating. In total 13 people voted which I think is pretty darn good.

I've removed the Poll and added the blogs I'm following feature, looking forward to finding out who you are.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One quick note…

I thought it worth mentioning that both of my positive tests were from the dollar store. I took one the day after I missed my period and it worked just fine so I definitely think they're the way to go and would recommend them to anyone. I have three left, anyone need some? L

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So the doctor has confirmed it yet it still seems not real. To think that this little someone is one their way is such good news that I'm sure it can't be true. Despite my two positive at home tests I was sure the doctor would tell me I was wrong. I think I need a few weeks before I believe it.

One little tidbit I didn't know… I had gone to the doctor's office so soon after I found out because I figured they'd do a nice, indisputable blood test and I'd really feel confident. Turns out all they do is a pee test which I can do at home, I definitely could have waited to go in and felt just a tiny bit silly for going so early :)

Here's to September 19th!

Still Evil

We finally got the inspection report from Evil Landlandy and at first glance it looked not bad until I realized that she wasn't telling us she was deducting $148 she was telling us that she's deducting $988 so we owe her $148!

First of all that's not going to happen, second of all that's illegal, she can't charge us more than our damage deposit and thirdly it's just so ridiculous it's laughable. So we'll add this to our court case which we can now proceed on.

Oh yeah, she also plans on charging us 1% interest for every month she doesn't get her money (also not legal). Oh the joys of renting from awful people.

Monday, January 12, 2009


The last 6 months have been pretty hard for us. We've had a bunch of little things and big things go wrong.

There was the microwave that broke, and then the pipe in the kitchen that leaked. Then the car was broken into and Brad's books were stolen, we also had the awful landlady who didn't care that we had no heat when it was -30 outside. Through all of that the hardest one has been how badly we wanted a baby and how we had this perfect little plan, timing wise. The plan slipped away month after month until soon there was no plan and only stress.

And then we had no heat and we moved and I can't tell you what a blessing it has been. We looked at the new place on Friday and started moving in on Saturday. It's way bigger than our old apartment and the landlord doesn't charge any damage deposit so financially and emotionally this is the best thing that could have happened to us. And it seemed like a bit of a kick from Heavenly Father saying you thought I wasn't paying attention, but I was, and see how I made things work out so well for you? Remember I'm here, be more grateful for what you have and show me you're grateful. So we kicked up our prayers and have made an effort to rely on the Lord more and I kept having the overwhelming feeling that Heavenly Father is aware of us, he knows how great the baby plan would work but either his plan is better or there's something we're supposed to learn by waiting. It's okay if a baby doesn't come when I think it should, it will come when he thinks it should. So I calmed down, stopped being so stressed about it and just trusted.

As an attempt at sanity I came up with a new plan, instead of obsessing for a week while I wait to see if I'm pregnant I decided to take the test right away, no waiting (those Dollar Store ones are only a dollar after all). That way even when I'm sure I'm not pregnant there will be no little voice in my head saying, "What if…" I can quiet it with a confirmed no and stop being so devastated when I'm finally sure it's a no. So this morning I took the test, just as a formality.

There were two lines! Two completely unexpected lines!

I don't believe it yet, I'm in a bit of shock and I’m so blessed.
Brad's going to be so excited.

Luck or Strategy

If you know me you know that I love board games or card games and I get addicted really easily. I'll play a new game with friends once and that's it, I'm hooked and must own the game so I can feed my addiction.

I made a discovery this weekend, there is no game I hate more than Sequence. Yet I can't stop thinking about it and wanting to play all the time.

I don't understand how we lost so badly every time, it's a game of mostly chance! Yet somehow Brad and I are really terrible at it and Jane and Ken are awesome. Out of the 4 games I forced us to play we managed to win once, the other 3 we lost pathetically, we weren't even close. It infuriates me to not understand how to be better, how to win more often.

I'll accept tips if you have any.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Troubles with the Poll

So I don't know why my poll wouldn't add properly but the text was all overlapping and you couldn't read the poll. I've re-added it using a third party's site and it now looks much better.

The down side is that the three of you who had already voted must now vote again, but I love that you voted!

Cutting Expenses

With the new to our new apartment has come an extra expense, bus fare.

Don't think I'm complaining because I really am lucky, Brad drops me off at work in the mornings and he also picks me up 3 times a week, so taking the bus twice a week is no big deal. But it is going to average out to about $20 bucks a month, and then you need to add my recent Hazelnut Chocolate Starbucks addiction. I've had to take the bus twice now and both times I've stopped on my way for this yummy treat. Soon my $20 will be up to $30.

As an attempt to curb the habit, this afternoon when I started to crave the yummy drink I instead headed over to the kitchen and made myself a free hot chocolate from the machine.

Lesson Learned: There's a reason so many people choose Starbucks over the free coffee / hot chocolate option… that stuff was not very good, certainly not worth the calories.

Risky Business

Today's post is going to be accompanied by a poll which is something I've been a little wary to add. Here's my reasoning… you know when you're teaching a class and you ask a question and not a single person answers and it turns out nobody was listening and the silence is deafening and mortifying? I've always been afraid that's what the blog poll will be, that I'll ask a question and only 1 person (my Mom) will respond but I'm going to risk it anyway.

I like the Blogs I'm Following feature and I always think it's fun when I see it on others sites. So look to the right for the continuation of the post, in the form of poll.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Mother's Love

Last year my Mother-in-Law gave me this beautiful Nativity set. It includes a Shepherd, a couple of sheep and a donkey and I think it's so beautiful. I love how they seem to have expressions despite the lack of an expression so this year I was really excited to receive some additional peices. A second shepherd, a couple of black sheep and the cutest camel have really expanded the set.

It's so nice to be able to pull out such a beautiful set every year and I'm sad to put it away for a whole year.

Happy Surprise

The best part of my day...
home an hour early, a warm house and I just finished a hazlenut hotchocolate. Perfect.

My office decided that because of the bad weather we would close and hour early and it was the best surprise. Made for the perfect Thursday after a late night.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Business Casual

In my occupational past I've had some great jobs and some truly mind numbingly boring jobs, none more so than Stanton-Smith Consulting. I had recently been laid off from Superpages when, through a relative, a job opportunity sort of fell in my lap. It was a temporary gig but one that was easy to come by and close to home so I decided I could handle it for a few months. This job was boring unlike any I'd done yet, my job was to take a closet full of documents and scan them so they were stored electronically.

The one bonus to this job was that, unlike all my other office jobs this was a very casual office, meaning I was no longer required to wear the dress pant, sweater combination I'd been sporting for the last 5 years. I was excited and showed up my first day wearing jeans and a respectable top. It didn't take long to realize that unless I acquired an old hoodie and some dirty sneakers I'd be the best dressed there and that sweatpants would make me fit right in. For about a month I loved this casual dress but eventually started to feel grubbier and grubbier and I think I even quit putting on make-up, what was the point? No-one else there wore any.

Eventually that job ended, I found the job I'm in now and reverted back to my usual uniform. What's all this leading too?

I've just had two glorious weeks off of work and I enjoyed every minute of it but yesterday while I was washing my hands in the ladies room I took a look in the mirror and realized something, work clothes make me feel just a little bit better about myself.

I like the way dress pants fit and that argyle sweater looks much better with black pants than jeans. I like dress shoes and the expectation that I'll do my hair every once in a while. Don't get me wrong, I sure enjoy hoodies and pajamas and jeans but I need a good balance of casual / business casual.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Highlights of 2008

  1. Zoo Trip – March 19

  2. Paying off our car – April 15

  3. Spring Softball

  4. Jenn & Nathan's Wedding in Edmonton – May 3

  5. Sarah Slean Concert – May 5

  6. The Discovery of Carcassonne – May

  7. Kimberley with Byron and Rosie – Jun 20-24

  8. Spruce Meadows Horse Jumping – July 5

  9. Birthday Softball Game – July 7

  10. Jimmy Eat World Concert – July 12

  11. So You Think You Can Dance (the US version, not the Canadian)

  12. Magrath Celebrations – July 26

  13. Week at the Lake with the Anviks – August 9-16

  14. Brad getting accepted to UofC Engineering – August 20

  15. Fireworks Competition – August 22

  16. The Fist Game of Ticket to Ride (thanks Bryce) – August 31

  17. Corporate Challenge Softball Tournament – September 13

  18. US Thanksgiving weekend with my Family – November 27-29

  19. Christmas Vacation

  20. Our new apartment – December 20

  21. New Year's at the Johnson's

This years list isn't quite as impressive as last year's, I kind of forgot to update it until August so most of the items had to be remembered later, not right after I'd experienced them. It's still a good list though.

I thought this year I'd add a lowlights list as well as there were some truly crappy moments (most of them involving a certain awful landlady).
  1. The worst hair cut ever - March 21

  2. Being screamed at by crappy landlady for her illegal entry to our suite

  3. The car being broken into

  4. The death of the microwave

  5. The spraying pipe in our kitchen

  6. Having to move when it was -30 - December

  7. The move out inspection with crappy landlady - December

I hope your year was great with lots more highlights than lowlights and I look forward to a great 2009.