About Me

Hi, my name is Laura and I've been blogging here since 2006.  Over those years things have changed dramatically.  It began as a place where I vented my thoughts, sometimes depressing, dramatic and boy related.  Then it became about my wonderful husband Brad and all things wedding and then it became about Catie.  Such an amazing little girl that I can't believe I get to spend my time with.  Lately I've gone in a new direction though.

When I was little my Mom and I used to go on dates together, we'd go to a craft store where they'd have fun projects set up.  I think my Mom and those dates are where my love of creating started.  I then took a very long hiatus while I grew up and discovered other things.

Then this little girl came along.  She and I hang out during the day and I'm loving it but I found I needed something for me, an outlet so I didn't just sit around the house.

That's when the sewing started.  Just about everything I make is inspired by Catie.  I love re-covering items and I hate the commercial kids stuff available so it works well together.  I hate using a pattern, I love beautiful fabric and I love creating something beautiful where there was once something ugly.  I'm always moving onto my next project so check me out periodically, maybe I've done something you'll like.