Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8 Month Eden Update

This last month marked an especially cranky period for Eden.  She spent all of her wake time trying to climb on me which doesn't satisfy her at all once she's there.  I figured she was just a cranky lady until Sunday when I discovered that she has three new teeth on the top.  I would be cranky too if I was working on three teeth.  That gives her four on the bottom and three on the top.

In her 8 months of life she's mastered crawling, pulls herself up to standing on anything she can and can almost always get herself down once she's up there.  She loves food, especially freeze dried yogurt drops.  She can't stand apple sauce and really loves macaroni and cheese.

It's an amazing thing to me to see her sitting, which is a position she can get into on her own.  Catie didn't ever have an interest in sitting, why sit when you can move around, I love watching Eden sit and play.

Lastly let's marvel again at just how different my two girls look.  On the left is Eden, Catie at 8 months on the right.  Both cute but in such different ways.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What the Girls Wore #93

I had no idea it's been so long since I posted photos of the girls.  Since I Instagram photos it felt like it was just the other day that I did one of these posts, to Grandma and Grandpops I apologize.  Hopefully this massive amount of photos will make up for it.

I love when both girls end up in the same picture.  These first photos are pretty old, we don't use a sleep sack for Eden anymore.

We went to Ikea and at this point Eden was just barely starting to sit up.  I strapped her in tight and she rode in the cart all by herself for the first time.

But then Catie was tired and wanted to sit in the cart, only there wasn't any room.  I hadn't been planning on Eden sitting so her huge bucket car seat was in the bottom of the cart... I improvised and Catie climbed into the car seat :)  She thought it was funny.

As Eden gets older Catie loves her more and more.

We played What Time is it Mr. Wolf one night and Eden was not a fan!  Everytime dinner time came around the wolf growled and ran for Catie who screamed and screamed which set Edon off sobbing.  I would get her calmed down just in time for dinner time and the whole cycle started over again.  We eventually went to the other room but it wasn't far enough.  It's now a game we play after Eden goes to bed :)

Again, older picture, we no longer need the bumbo anymore.  I went to buy her a new t-shirt and they had options of strawberries or cherries but the lemon seemed to be a much better representation of her character :)

Eating french fries for the first time.  She loved them.

We've been working on potty training with Catie (we don't need to go into details about that) and she gets sticker rewards for using the potty.  Once she fills up the chart she gets a bigger prize and this My Little Pony train was her first prize.

She was trying her best to crawl here but just wasn't quite ready.  It's a skill she's since mastered.

Sitting up, see the pillow behind for protection from falling?  This protection is no longer necessary.  She sits like a champ and can even get herself into a sitting position all by herself.

If you're every having a bad day all you need to do is look at the next two photos for a pick me up.  She had just started to be able to pick up cheerios all by herself and still needed some work on her aim.

My favourite photo every.

We finished a round of gymnastics and started a new one.  She LOVES gymnastics, it's her favourite activity of the week.

This is the long trampoline.  They jump down in different position and walk back on the red mats.

Such an adorable girls.

We had a nice day so we expectantly headed to the park.  I put Eden in the swing for the very first time and she could have cared less.  She was very unimpressed and didn't last very long.

We dyed Easter Eggs, had an Easter Egg hunt and ate lots of Chocolate to celebrate Easter.

Chocolate fondue for family home evening, it was a big hit.

We had an especially poopy day and just before this photo a clothing change was necessary.  Shortly after this photo I added a shirt, but removed the now soiled pants... it was a mostly naked day.

She spends her entire day pulling herself up on anything she possibly can.  She can mostly get down but there are a few exceptions where she gets stuck and cries for help.

Catie went to her cousins princess birthday party and looked so grown up that I needed to take some photos.

This day also marked her very first ponytail.

These girls just love each other.  They are so happy to see each other and they laugh better for each other than they ever do for me.