Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm a Gummi Bear, what are you?

discover what candy you are @ quiz me


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


2 posts in one day... I know, crazy. They were so different I didn't want to include them in the same entries.

No longer can I say I'm not athletic... no sir. I've expanded my love of sports.

List of sports I've decided I like
  1. Softball
  2. Swimming
  3. Skating

There seems to be a theme here... maybe I should try Squash, or Soccer :)

Zoo Trip 2007

Consider this my best trip to the zoo, ever

We got there right at feeding time so we got to see a turtle eating, sounds lame but really is much cooler than you'd think. A zoo keeper dropped this container of crickets in too so these birds would pick at these live crickets, also very cool.

The Hippo tank is so neat, when we were there one of the zookeepers came over and called the Hippo over, it stood up in the tank on it's back legs and stretched up to the worker, opened it's mouth and got a gum massage :)

The baby giraffe was adorable and we watched a zoo keeper feed them baby carrots... man are those tongues super long!

Our favorite part of the afternoon though was the Gorilla exhibit, a zoo worker happened to be there and started telling us about the Gorilla's. I've never learned so much about them in such an interesting way before! She was so good at her job. For instance, I learned that Calgary's Silverback Gorilla is 5, 9" and has an arm span of 7"! A Gorilla can bench press a Giraffe! Crazy eh? A Gorilla birth, from first contraction to breast feeding takes about minute and a half.

It was a great trip though, it was a nice day and the Lion's were right by the glass. We had the manditory ice cream and highly enjoyed the day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Jane-Almus Day (Belated)

I know this post is a little belated but I thought everyone deserved to read the great Jane-Almus Day origin story. That's right, we've created our own holiday.

Tips for hosting a successful Jane-Almus Eve event

  1. Brown and Green must be worn
  2. Lasagna, with spinach, is the traditional meal
  3. The Jane-Almus Day story should be read (preferably with toasts at the end)
  4. Either Jane or Al should be in attendance
  5. The badge with the official logo should be worn by all

I wish you many Happy years of celebrating Jane-Almus Eve!

The Jane-Almus Day Story

The amazing story of Jane-Almus day
Began in a land far far away.
In Floreana, the green leafed land
Where Jane and Al first took their stand.
When but wee babes were Al and Jane
A tyrant rose to power bringing horror and pain.
Mort Inopinee de Muerte was his name
Nothing would ever be the same.

Al and Jane grew up under the shadow
Of his black lies and promises hollow.
Until one day they expressed their hate
And agreed upon an Auspicious date
When Muerte's tyranny would be destroyed
And so they plotted and they ployed.

The "Green and Brown" was the paper they began
It was a way to stick it to the man
Green for life and Brown for earth
Freedom or Death - political rebirth.
They gained a loyal following underground
And soon faint rumors of freedom began to sound.

The infamous day they decided their coup to play
Was in the middle of Jane and Al's birthdays.
The eleventh of February the vote decided
Would end the bondage of a people blighted.
A suppressed people would rise to the top
And a deplorable despot they would stop!

They gained connections in Muerte's court
With his personal assistant Alberto Port.
Port poisoned Muerte's lasagna with arsenic
With the intention more than just to make him sick.
Unfortunately Muerte switched plates with his wife
Much to Jane and Al's chagrin and Muerte's strife.

So Al, Jane and their followers threw caution to the wind
And stormed the palace gates with no intention to rescind.
Fire, blood, soil, and sweat swirled all around
Until at last Lord Muerte lay dead upon the ground.
It was Al who dealt the death blow with his mighty sword
And Jane who kept them fighting with passion out-poured.

A monument now stands in Jane-Almus square
To remember those courageous souls who had fallen there.
And so it is now on Jane-Almus Eve
That we must to their memory cleave.
We wear green and brown to symbolize their zeal
And eat lasagna, which was Muerte's last meal.
So we thank you all for your participation
And invite you now to a toast and libation.
- Jane Kearl


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meant to be Mine

Have you ever seen something and instantly known, "I needed that!"
You hadn't thought about it before but as soon as you saw it, of course you had to have it, it was only natural that you would have it. How did you go for so long without having it?

Enter the Best Valentine Gift ever!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Memories of You

I really liked this idea... Jenn decided to write her favorite memories of her favorite people... I thought I’d do the same (seems like all I can do is borrow others brilliant idea’s these day, I swear I’ll have an original one again)

Remember that time you came to visit me when I first moved away from home? I had to go buy a knife so I could cut the bagel for the bagel Sandwiches. It's still my favorite knife. You brought your friends with you and they slept on that really uncomfortable futon my roommate had. Or how about all those time we ate popcorn, french fries or soda crackers with all the fixings... “I’m Mario”

Our trip to Utah stands out in my memory, singing the Future Freaks Me Out on repeat, or maybe London for New Year’s or just London in general.

I loved the Calgary Stampede last summer for my birthday. It was my first introduction to Whack-a-Mole (almost as good as Flaming Finger) and live Chuckwagon races. Those gross but good hotdogs and all the times I repeatedly beat you at Bomberman ;)

I often think of the Christmas gift exchange us girls had a couple of years ago. As usual there was some Buffy watching, some laughing, visiting and then the usual trip to Denny's in our pajamas. We all look awful in those pictures but they're some of my favorites.

We went and saw the opera Lakmé at the Jubilee, it was so beautiful. Most of my memories of you are some sort of concert... the Opera, Jann Arden, the CPO. Thanks for being such a great theatre buddy.

That time we played Gamecube, Mario Party button masher and I laughed until tears. We really should play that again. It still makes me smile


Monday, February 12, 2007

"and today was a day just like any other"

I've been informed that since I began dating a certain someone my blog has become boring...

I believe that a good blog post can't be forced so if I don't feel inspired then there's no post. I'm very content right now, there's no drama in my life. Sorry if that's boring :)

Hopefully this post will appease him.

Taking a page from This Fish (again)

Things I'm a sucker for:

Salt & Vinegar Chips
Bernard Callebaut Dark Chocolate
Long Hugs
Whisker Rubs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sunday naps
Laughing until tears with Jane
Veronica Mars
Long, hot showers
Dinner Parties
Text Messages
Passions (the Soap Opera)
Having my hair played with
New Recipes
This Fish

Feel free to make you own list or add to mine

Friday, February 9, 2007

Quote of the Day

Curtesty of This Fish...

"Because love is about not always getting what you want, and pretending you didn't want it anyway"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Better left unsaid?

The vault has a leak today... if ever there was something you wanted to know from me today’s the day to ask... I’m spilling info everywhere.
  • I don’t like the way you treat her
  • Stop talking about your feelings!
  • You’re too good for him
  • She’s just not that into you
  • He really likes you, why don’t you treat him better?
  • You’re right, he’s not interested
  • She's not as head over heels as you think she is
  • Talking to you still throws me off
  • I wish you wouldn’t marry him
  • I’m sorry you’re so sad and I wish I could make it better
  • I hate how you use me
  • I really like you and wish it didn’t make me afraid

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Today's Lesson

I'm going to a Candlemas party tomorrow

What, you ask, is a Candlemas party? That's what I thought. I've heard of it many times before but have never actually been invited, this will be my first. Here's what I knew...

  • Justin always hosts
  • There are always crepes involved
  • Jamie loves it
  • Lisa wishes there were fewer people invited so she can recreate the joy of Candlemas' past

That's all I knew about Candlemas.

Let me enlighten you with the help of good old Wikipedia

Candlemas is a Christian feast commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple.

The term "Candlemas" refers to the practice found in former Roman Missals whereby a priest on February 2 would bless the candles for use during the year (said candles must be of beeswax. This practice has generally fallen out of use in most of the Latin Rite Church but is still common in rural Irland, where beeswax candles are still blessed, but mainly for use in the home. It is also observed in Poland, where it is called "Matka Boska Gromniczna" ("Matka Boska"="the Mother of God"+"Gromnica" = "beewax candle").

The date of Candlemas is established by the date set for the Nativity of Jesus for it comes forty days afterwards. Under Mosaic law, a mother who had given birth to a man-child was considered unclean for seven days; moreover she was to remain for three and thirty days "in the blood of her purification." Candlemas therefore corresponds to the day on which Mary, according to Jewish law should have attended a ceremony of ritual puification. The gospel of Luke 2:22–39 relates that Mary was purified according to the religious law, followed by Jesus' presentation in the Jerusalem temple, and this explains the formal names given to the festival.

In the United States and Canada, Candlemas evolved into Groundhog Day celebrated on the same date.

Okay, here's the important part (Jusin served his mission in France)

In France, Candlemas (French: La Chandeleur) is celebrated with crêpes, which must be eaten only after eight p.m. If the cook can flip a crêpe while holding a coin in the other hand, the family is assured of prosperity throughout the coming year.

So there you have it... Candlemas in a nutshell. Go ahead, host your own party; crepes, coins and friends is all you need.