Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #49

Not too many pictures today, sorry.  This was a good week though I think Catie turned two yesterday and started to act like it.  I'm hoping it was just a bad day and not her new self.

We went on a walk today only as soon as we got to the path Catie wanted to be picked up.  Then she proceeded to pick every dandelion in sight and then we went home, maybe 15 minutes long.

I love her cute swing-y skirt and she has a serious love for her boots right now.

Again with the boots.  I bought the cute shorts and shirt at the same sale as yesterday's swing-y skirt.  I don't remember why she was unhappy but I do remember that I was far too slow in getting whatever it was she wanted (We played with felt markers, hence all the marker on her shirt).
We went to the grocery store and on our way back into the house I asked her to carry my purse.  I thought she was kind of annoyed with it so I tried to take it away but she got mad.  I gave it back and she carried it around for a while.
It doesn't happen very often but occasionally Catie sees I'm taking pictures and is interested so I'll take a picture and then show her the result.  She laughs and loves it, today was one of those times.  In the photo below she just noticed me and in the next one she got really close (she had a cookie at the grocery store).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #48

What a sorry blog this has been, for the past three weeks nothing but what Catie's wore.  So sad.  Well, it'll have to do for this week as well, sorry.

I like the one strap under her arm, she pulled it off repeatedly throughout the day


She's quite the climber, we went tot he park and she was all about climbing up this ladder.

Today we went to Calaway Park and Catie's cousins came with us, we had such a fun time.  The girls are pretty little but they were still big enough to go on quite a few rides.
The ball pit was loads of fun.  She carefully cleared a bunch of balls off the mat and then carefully laid down.
Riding a car all by herself.  She waved and said "bye" every time she came around.
The carousel was easily her favourite ride.  We went on it twice and she loved it both times.
We went to a wading pool today, it was hot and sunny and a great way to spend the morning.
She loves to play under the coffee table lately, she spent a good 10 minutes under there today.

She loves to play ring a round the rosie and today she stood in the box while she turned in circles and fell down.

Normally I wouldn't share these until next week but I loved them so you get to see them today instead.  There's lots of fruit around our house these days and Catie tried her first nectarine and loved it.  She ate very nearly the entire fruit.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #47

3 days is all I managed to capture since I was sick but at least they're a really cute 3 days.

 We went to the park where she spent a really long time on the swing and insisted on picking every dandelion in sight.

We went to Prairie Winds Park today, it's a huge outdoor wading pool and Catie had a blast.
They also have a really large playground, she discovered the rings and loved them.
She insisted on climbing this huge hill with Daddy and we were impressed because she made it the entire way up.
Hide and Seek, she was pretty proud of herself.

And then we played outside where she picked raspberry after raspberry.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Catie Wore... er Thursday? - #46

Allright, I'm giving into my Mother's guilt and posting this even if it is a day late.

I hadn't been too worried about getting this post put together because I knew I hardly had any pictures but one of them was on my Mother-in-law's camera and when I went to grab it I found some old pictures of Catie too so this will have a couple from this week and then some old ones as well.

Lots of playing in the backyard today.

She was watching a movie and it got to a scary part so she covered her ears.
I love this cute blue t that I just got her but it makes me a little sad, it's a size 3.  They grow so fast.

Today's pictures are a little special.  Cousin Gwen came to play and they spent some time out on the patio playing with some dirt in a planter.  Catie definitely came off the worst and we're pretty sure Gwen was dumping dirt on her. A bath was very necessary as was some vacumming where they undressed.

Those are the pictures from last week, I'm not sure when the rest of these pictures were taken but they're pretty cute.
Reading her favourite book.

Mr. Potato Head glasses and a Hawaiian leis.

Look, a rare picture of me!

She likes to pull Daddy around by the string on his pajama pants.

I make no promises of posts to come, I've been sick and doing no crafting.  Sorry.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Deep Fried Goodies

The other day I mentioned that the Calgary Stampede was in town.  Brad and I were given some free admission and Grandstand show tickets so we spent one evening on the Stampede Grounds.  Before our show started we were sure to pick up our usual Stampede food, the frozen, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick and also the pizza bread wrapped pepperoni sticks.  Both of them are super delicious and we buy them every year.  I fell into the lemonade trap and was really disappointed but I was also really interested in the deep fried Twinkies.  They sound delicious but I just wasn't willing to spend $4 for one Twinkies so I skipped it but couldn't stop thinking about it.  We were recently down in Magrath for the annual celebration and with family around it seemed the perfect time to pull out the deep fryer and the Twinkies.  We didn't stop there though...

None of these pictures are mine because it was late at night and they would have been super crappy.  Also, I didn't use recipes from any of the sites where I found the pictures, we battered them all in funnel cake batter and fried until they were golden.

We started with the Twinkie since that's what started the experiment and they ended up being my favourite of the evening.  Just be careful you don't cook them too long or the cream filling melts into the cake, not bad but not as good as visible filling.  Also, we skipped putting a stick in them and ours weren't this brown, they kind of look like corn dogs don't they?

After the success of the Twinkies we moved onto some Twix bars.  They were really delicious but none of us really loved how crunchy the cookie was, the melted caramel was sure good though.  Good enough that I ate two of them (on two different nights).

Most people's favourite though ended up being the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  These things are seriously delicious, buy one if you ever see them!

So that ended our deep fry fest for at least a year, definitely can't do it often.

Next on our list of awesomely ridiculous foods to try is the Doughnut Hamburger.

That's right, the bun is a doughnut.  Sweet and savoury here we come.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

High Chair Re-Cover Take 2

My first high chair re-cover was difficult.  It was awkward and not easy but the result was beautiful so I happily tackled my Mother-in-law's high chair anyway, the one that Catie uses daily.  Turns out that everything that made the last high chair difficult wasn't present in this chair so it went really smoothly.  For the last chair I used a vinyl fabric, wipe able but a serious pain to work with since you can't use pins and it doesn't feed through a sewing machine easily.  It also used a really thick piping that was horrible to put in and broke a bunch of my needles, this chair had some cute pleating instead and we went with a simple cotton that can easily be thrown in the washing machine.  It was easy and awesome, perfect.
The original seat wasn't as ugly as it could have been but it also wasn't interesting to look at.  I personally don't want teddy bears in my kitchen decor if I have a choice.
Like every other re-cover I took the old seat apart and used it as a pattern for my new pieces.  I put them back together re-using the backing fabric, the batting and the binding.  This high chair does have straps but we never use them anymore so they're always tucked under the fabric.

Another finished shot. The flowery fabric was the first I saw as I walked into the store and I loved it instantly.

And proof that Catie approves, she climbed up to check it out (yes, those are pajamas and yellow rain boots).

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #45 - Vacation Edition

Be prepared, there's a ton of pictures coming in this post.  We were gone to Shuswap BC for a week at the Wiebe cabin, now we're back, mosquito bitten but happy.

We headed out on Tuesday morning and for the 6 hour drive Catie did this, watched movies.
We went swimming but the water was, as usual, super cold.  This was Catie's preferred way to "swim"
There was lots of colouring

We played on the deck while we swatted the mosquitoes and Catie and cousin Bryn found the tubes

We took a trip to the narrows today (Catie figured she should be the driver) and went for a walk
I showed the girls how to throw rocks in the water.  Catie was smitten immediately.

The girls loved riding in the tin boat (the crummy picture doesn't do it justice)
Sunday we played on the dock
We ate snacks and headed for home

Cousin Gwen came to play today and the girls watched movies as Catie re-covered from the drive home.
and Catie found a new seat

We had a great time but it's nice to be home.