Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mascara Lament

The day was bright, the sky was blue,
and then came the shock, it can't be true.

What to do? I think I'll cry
But then it'll smudge, it must be a lie.

They're gone from Canada, never to return.
But where will I get the mascara I yearn?

Calorie 2000, so thick and black;
I tried some Great Lash... Boy did it lack.

I want some drama, my tantrum will last
But my favorite mascara is a thing of the past.

So I'm forced to switch to some other brand
While I wait for Max Factor to return to my Land

So this is my Eulogy, I'll continue to cry
To my fair mascara, I bid you goodbye

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

By Invitation Only

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other day. We were both going to the same wedding; he asked if I wanted a ride so I said sure. I was also giving my roommate a ride so I asked if that was okay. He asked where her boyfriend was. I said I wasn’t sure if he knew the Bride and Groom, maybe he hadn’t been invited? He then asked the most absurd question...

“Oh, is this wedding invite only?”

Invite only! Weddings are always invite only! That’s why they give out invitations!

I asked why he went if he wasn’t invited, “Well, there are people there I know.”

“So you go to weddings to socialize?!” I’m a little shocked! To add a cherry to this story, he’d invited someone else to this wedding that he wasn’t invited to.

I’ve been invited to a lot of weddings this year... 17 to be exact and the year’s not over yet. In general, I love weddings. I love how happy everyone is and how much family comes together.

I thought I’d share a list of the highlights of each wedding
Elise & Alex Andrews - The Hairspray Comment
Jeff & Shelia Smigel - Jeff’s Vest and the Men’s ties
Devon & Kimberly Tyers - Cookie’s by George cookies
Daniel & Teddi Lee - The incredibly over decorated gym
Kim & Jordan Wheatley*
Ricky & Chelsea Bennett - The on again / off again relationship that worked
Mike & Janeal Bullock*
Justin & Andea Morton*
Byron & Rosie Redd - The Food and the long tablecloths
Ed & Meagan Yu - Mllowing Meenah to live out her dream
Leticia & Ammon Christensen - The Picture Perfect Couple
Lisa & Doug Johnson - The letter from Clive and all the Pink
Mark & Kim Hughes - The Temple and how much I love them both
Leah & Murray Phillips - The honeymoon in Mountain View
Josh & Nicole Tagg - The Chopsticks and the instructional video and the bride and groom on the top of the cake
Brent & Jen Garner - The most classy, traditional wedding all year. They used simple, beautiful roses as table centers and they had actual toasts with sparkling apple juice. We actually ate the wedding cake (I love that)
James & Lucy West - The new Sister I’m gaining

* not attended

I’ve also come up with a rule for all my friends... NO MORE WEDDINGS THIS YEAR!The wedding gift budget is spent so if you suddenly get engaged you get NO GIFT :)