Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Little Pony T-Shirt Part 2

So I made a t-shirt for Catie and I love it and she loves it.  And then they came out with a My Little Pony movie and we made plans to see the movie with some friends.  Sadly those plans fell through and the girls had to go without us but they needed to go in style so I put together some shirts for them.  There are a lot of them so get ready.

To make all of these shirts I used my Silhouette and iron on vinyl.  Most of it is flocked but a couple of them are smooth.

We asked all the girls what they're favourite ponies were and used those characters for their shirts.  Here we go,


A shirt dedicated to Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie, love this one, especially on the pink shirt!

And another Pinkie Pie, how awesome is this one?  Love it even more than the last.

Princess Celestia turned out better than I thought it would, and check out that tiny cutie mark on the shirt sleeve.  There may have been tears of joy shed over this one (oh and not by me, by the owner).

The shirts for the girls were a big hit but we didn't stop there.  We had three ladies taking these girls so we made them shirts as well.

Rarity looks so fancy in white.  It's hard to see on the black shirt but this silhouette is down on the right hand corner of the shirt.

I loved these three silhouettes, I think they look classy (if My Little Ponies can look classy).

And lastly we made another Rarity, this one looks so great.  This image is again down in the bottom corner.
Then on the back shoulder of this shirt we added some diamonds.

So these girls all had a great time at the movie but none of these shirts took care of Catie.  We made plans for Catie and her two cousins to go together and they couldn't go without a shirt either.  Catie already had a shirt but I wanted her to have something new and I had a spare white shirt for her anyway. Twilight Sparkle is Catie's favourite but I think she has the least interesting Silhouette so I got a little fancy with this one, I love all the details.  And also I just wanted to add more and more to these shirts so on the back I added a Silhouette of Spike. She loved that part even more than I thought she would.

I let Catie choose who should be on her cousin's shirts so for Gwen she picked Rainbow Dash.  I loved the one I did above with all the different poses but that was a larger shirt, I knew they'd be way too tiny if I tried to use all 6 of them so instead I just chose my favourite four.  Then I added a basic silhouette of her to the back of the shirt.

and lastly she chose Fluttershy for Bryn.  This is easily my favourite MLP shirt I've made.  I found an image of the silhouette on this Etsy shop and used it for my image and then added a little Angel bunny beside her and a cute little squirrel on the back.

All three girls loved their shirts and looked super cute going to the movie together.  Success!

That's probably the end of MLP shirts for a while, I've outfitted most of the fans I know.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big Hill Springs Park

 A friend of mine recently posted about the trip they took to this park and it looked so fun that we went the very next Saturday. 
This is a provincial park about 30 minutes from my house. There's a nice "hike" you can go on though its really more of a walk. We walked for about 20 minutes and around every turn there was anew little waterfall. 
We threw leaves in to watch them flow down the river. 

Halfway up we sat and enjoyed some snacks and played in the water. 

There are rocks to climb

And then at the bottom there's an awesome very shallow, slow moving creek that Catie loved. 

It was a perfect morning activity and I think we'll plan to go back yearly. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Evolution of a Blog

I think it's time for me to face up to the kind of blog I'm writing here.

Since I started here in 2006 it's become all different things. It started out as a way to vent my feeling and often included dramatic boy related thoughts. Then I got married and it was all about wedding and married bliss. With a baby came a baby blog and then my favourite of all my blogging phases, the crafty blog.

For quite some time I had a new craft to share, every single week day and I love the new skills I learned and the things I learned about myself. As that crafty period has started to dwindle I've been posting less and less because I know so many readers are only interested in the fun projects I did and don't care about my beautiful girls. 

But it's time to be honest and admit that I'm just not inspired the way I once was and things are heading in a new direction.  I've re-covered just about every baby object I own and there just isn't anything left for me to experiment with, and it's the new projects that got me excited. With a second baby my free time during the day is limited and gets put towards important things like the mountain of laundry I have waiting to fold or the next episode of scrubs to watch. 

I suspect that from here on out you can expect a family blog, full of photos of fun activities we've done or funny things the girls have done. There will be a crafty project here and there because that's still part of who I am, just not the focus for now. So if lots of photos of my girls is boring then I won't be offended if you move on and find someone new who is crafty like I once was. Let me recommend a few of my favourite crafty blogs to get you started.

I'll still be here, blogging away though so check back occasionally. And to peak your interest here's a list of some things you can expect to read about in the future. 

  • Family Photos
  • Potty training
  • An awesome ice cream party
  • Some alphabet photo props
  • A trip to Big Hill Springs Park
  • And some My Little Pony T-Shirts (I'm addicted)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staycation 2012

This year we talked about what sort of summer vacation we wanted and ended up deciding we'd stay at home and do all sorts of fun things.  I was determined that we would do something fun every single day and taking a photo made me accountable.  In case you don't follow me on Instagram here's a re-cap.

We started on a Friday and went to the Science Centre.  It's fairly new here in town and we'd been wanting to go, this was the perfect opportunity.

Catie played in the kids area and had a blast.  We watched a movie about butterflies and had a great time exploring.

Nest we went over to the wave pool which is one of our favourite places.  We often struggle with Eden but she was super well behaved today.  These photos are thanks to my sister-in-law's underwater camera.
I don't have a photo of Sunday but we took some time and taught Catie how to play games on the computer.  It's really been a nice treat for me, because in the morning, instead of waking me up she goes and plays on the computer.

Monday was my birthday so there was extra celebrating.

We had planned to go to Calaway Park, the forecast called for rain in the afternoon but they lied and it rained all morning.  To save the day we hopped in the car last minute and drove to Drumheller where we ate lunch and toured the Dinosaur museum.  She was a little young for the museum so she ran from exhibit to exhibit with very little pause but it was still a great day.  In the evening we ate cake, perfect.

Tuesday morning we picked up a couple of Catie's cousins and headed over to the theatre to watch the My Little Pony Movie in new t-shirts.  The day was so beautiful that we hit up the spray park in the afternoon and then went to a belated birthday dinner.

Wednesday was hot so we filled up the pool and spent the day eating popsicles and enjoying the sun.

Thursday we headed down to Magrath to meet up with my family but I didn't take a picture so you'll just have to imagine Catie playing in the backyard with cousins.

Friday was my favourite.  We went to the Fish Pond with all of her cousins to look for frogs.  Catie almost instantly fell in some super disgusting water and was horrified.  We dried her off with a blanket and then she was good to go.  She caught the first frog all by herself and we all took photos.  Then we found a snake and a super tame butterfly.  The playground was the perfect capper.  Grandma is the best for coming up with the plan.
Saturday, my brother got married.  It was an awesome reason to get the family together and in the evening we took photos (there will be a post on that later).  Check out that cake, awesome hey?  It was a group effort, I take credit for the icing.
And the final day of our staycation was filled with more cousins and a drive home.

Awesome week.  Hopefully to be repeated some other year.