Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catie Updates

It's been a surprisingly long time since I've had a Catie centered post.  She'd gotten onto a great schedule and hadn't hit any development milestones so it didn't really feel like there was a lot to report. 

Since the last Catie post she's learned to roll from her stomach to her back and she has started to scoot herself backwards.  Her wake time has lengthened and she's decided it's time for her to drop a nap which means bedtime is now at 8:00 pm instead of 9:30.  I'm loving the time to myself in the evening and it's helping to further my new fun projects.

She also loves to stand these days.

Here's Catie all dressed up for church, she's wearing her cute beaded socks that Grandma made for her and the bow from KD.

I blame the iPhone

I have multiple posts running through my head but with the purchase of the iPhone I find myself sitting down at the computer less and less. I do everything I need to do from my phone but I have no desire to type an entire blog post on it so content here has been missing.

I've recently discovered the beauty of working with felt.  It's super cheap and so much fun to use.  Michelle and I had both seen the same brilliant idea so we got together, pooled our resources and made some of these

I was about to say we whipped them up but that implies that it was a quick project and there really wasn't anything quick about cutting out and stuffing all the little pieces for 4 potato heads.  I'm not sure why we thought 4 at a time was a good idea but we're both pleased with our results.  We learned a few lessons, we're smarter now and had a great time together, yay for felt.

I'm also working on a quiet book and some adorable felt food so stay tuned.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sewing Issues

My latest craft project has led to a lot of sewing on my machine.  Lots of little pieces, all different colours.  For most people this would mean they had to re-thread their sewing machine a bunch of times with different colours which isn't really a big deal, but for me it's caused other issues, the root of the issue being this... I only own ONE bobbin for my sewing machine.  So every single time I switch colours I have to load a new bobbin.  It also means I never load very much at a time because I don't want to have to throw out a bunch of thread which usually leads to me running out of thread mid piece and having to load the same colour again.

Yesterday I started yet another new project with Michelle and we sewed at her house and the beauty of owning more than one bobbin finally hit me.  What a glorious thing to not have to load all the time, so today I solved the problem and I'm now the proud owner of 12 brand new, empty bobbins with a case for them all.  I'm excited to put these to good use and I'll include photos of the recent projects eventually.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribbons and Bows

I recently stumbled onto a few crafty websites and there were so many things for little girls.  I feel a little obsessed and want to amass huge amounts of ribbon and cute fabric.

I did choose a couple crafts and completed this bow holder.  I love the way it looks on her wall and her different bows are so easy to find now.  The best part was how affordable it was.  I used paper and ribbon I already owned and bought the frames for $1.50 at the dollar store.

I've also made a flower for her hair that I love.  It's the pink one in the frame to the right, the bottom left corner.  I'm moving on to a quiet book and so far I'm really thrilled with how it's turning out.

I've often heard Mom's talk about how they don't have time for these kinds of crafts and sort of scoffed secretly thinking, "You have one child at home, you have loads of time."  I've since discovered that I was right as long as you want nothing else to get done in your house except the craft and if you want to resent your child for having the nerve to wake up from a nap while you're crafting.  My kitchen was a disaster, there was stuff all over the living room and Catie didn't get as much attention as usual.  I'm now attempting to tone down the project, take it a little slower and be a bit less neglectful.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm so surprised at how quickly Catie is growing up, every morning she seems a little bigger. 
I'm loving watching all the changes.

More Music

I've been excited for all the new music the CD exchange gave me and have been waiting for those perfect songs.  Those songs that from the very first note you know you're going to love it.  Those are the songs that stick around for years that you come back to time and time again.  It makes you sigh and just enjoy.

I finally came across my first one yesterday and it was thanks to Jenny.  Take a listen below, see if you feel the same way.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

CD Exchange

This CD exchange has been so interesting, I have 5 new albums full of music and some of it isn't something I'd normally listen to.  As I come to one of these songs my first instinct is to hit the skip button, instead I've been pausing and considering that out of someone's entire music collection they chose this song to be included on an album.  It makes me give the song a chance, trying to hear it from the compilers point of view.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video Time

This past week Brad and I went to see Avatar (possible post on that to come) so we left Catie with Michelle for the evening.  This is the first time we've left her at someone else's house so I was a little nervous.  Not nervous that Michelle couldn't handle it and realistically not nervous that Catie wouldn't be the amazingly well behaved girl that she is but nervous that the evening would be the exception to her good behaviour and that Michelle would have to deal with something out of the ordinary.

We were very pleased when we returned to hear that things had gone really well and Michelle had the best video to prove it.  Below is Porter and Catie hanging out, enjoy.


The End?

I noticed today for the first time just how thin my hair is, seems the effects of all the hair loss have finally caught up with me.
On the bright side I think I've started to see a decline in the amount, hopefully this is nearing an end.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So Many Miles

This year I participated in the yearly CD exchange and I thought I'd share my playlist with all of you.  I happen to have a couple extras so if you're interested I'm happy to provide you with your very own copy.
The songs aren't quite the story of my year but are more of a collection of favorites.
  1. Wedding Dress – Matt Nathanson
    "In sickness and in health, To be with you, just to be with you"
  2. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson 
    "Some Things are Meant to Be"
  3. Hurricane – The Hush Sound 
    "You're the finest thing that I've done"
  4. Broken’ – Lifehouse 
    "In Your Name I find Meaning"
  5. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
  6. Useless – Imogen Heap 
    "To begin again"
  7. We’re So Far Away – Mae 
    "Remembering, everything, about my world and when you came"
  8. Please Don’t Go – Barcelona 
    "When you crashed in the clouds, you found me"
  9. Down – Jason Walker 
    "I shot for the sky"
  10. Miracle Mile – Pompeii 
    "When you crashed in the clouds, you found me"
  11. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble 
    "Baby Your Love Is Gonna Change Me"
  12. Existentialism on Prom Night – Straylight Run 
    "Sing like you think no one's listening"
  13. Untouched – The Veronicas 
    "You can take time to live the way you gotta live your life"
  14. Goodnight Trouble – Sarah Slean 
    "My trouble took flight"
  15. Lost – Anouk 
    "This music’s irresistible"
  16. So Many Miles – Sarah Slean 
    "These feet have walked so many miles"
  17. Home – Vanessa Carlton 
    "With You I am home"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair Loss

I've heard other women talk about my current problem that comes after pregnancy but I didn't ever understand the extent of it.

In the last month or so I've noticed an increasing amount of hair loss.  After each shower I carefully comb out as much loose hair as possible to minimize the effects during the day but each time I'm still surprised by the handful that ends up in the garbage.  I clean out my hairbrush daily and I pull hair off my clothes constantly.

I find hair in our food, in Catie's hands, in the car and I've already had to clean out our shower drain once.
I'm hoping this is a temporary problem that doesn't last much longer or I may have to take drastic actions with a very short haircut.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The iPhone

Since going on maternity leave I've been feeling increasingly unorganized.  I have no sort of planner to make sure I don't miss appointments but I also had no desire to pull out and use a paper calendar.

I've also for the last 6 ish years been using the same old cell phone, it was very brick like and out of date with a really terrible battery.  Brad and I decided to make the leap to smart phones and after his obsessive searching and review watching, iPhones were purchased.  This is a big deal that I was really nervous about.  I'm determined to use my iPhone for all sorts of things to justify the purchase, I've already used the the handy level application and look forward to all sorts of customization.

I now have a fancy phone and digital planner in one yet somehow since the purchase I've managed to show up a week early for one event and miss a second completely... somehow my making things easier and more organized has caused confusion.

Monday, January 4, 2010

One Last Look

I love this look back from Denise so I'm copying it here.

1. Did you keep your New Year’s Resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I was sure I had made some resolutions so I went back in the blog to look and couldn't find any.  I guess I didn't make any last year.  I did make some this year and you can check them out here.  Brad and I have also added a new one, to put together our 72 hour kits.  We have backpacks and a few items for them but not much, it's time to start that agin.

2. Did anyone close to you give birth?
There were lots of people I know that gave birth this year, Jolayne brought in baby Bryn, Jane had handsome Russ.  Amanda's Olivia was born, Jody brought in Daniella and Jenny introduced Silas.  I'm sure there were others, it was a good year for babies.  I'm also including myself on this list, it was a pretty life changing event.
3. Did anyone close to you die?
  I was blessed this year and I didn't lose anyone close to me, I hope that continues in 2010.

4. What countries did you visit?
I think it's a little sad that I didn't go anywhere in 2009, I spent the whole year in Canada and didn't even travel within Canada.  One day there will be traveling.

5. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

Stable housing.  I would like to go the whole year without moving.

6. What dates from 2009 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

September 12.  Life changed forever when Catie made her debut.

7. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Having a baby.  It's something I knew would be difficult but was still unprepared for the experience.

8. What was your biggest failure?
Losing baby weight.  I realize it's only been 4 months but oh boy has it ever not gone well.

9. Did you suffer illness or injury?
I did suffer a pregnancy related softball injury but it was relatively quick to heal, other than that it was a good health year.

10. What was the best thing someone bought you?
The bouncy chair from Michelle.  It gives Catie time to play and me time to get stuff done.  I was also really lucky and generous people gave me a lot of really cute clothes for Catie.

11. Where did most of your money go?
More than half of my income disappeared when I went on maternity leave.  Brad's entire income disappeared when he quit his job to got to school.  The rest of our money has gone towards food and housing costs.  

12. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
When I found out I was pregnant, that was really exciting.  I was really excited when we lined up housing in Lethbridge, sadly that housing fell through.  Our new house has some downsides but we've mostly been happy here.

13. What song will always remind you of 2009?

My Life Would Suck Without You.  I realize it's cheesy and not very eloquent but there's something about it that makes you want to dance.

14. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier or sadder? I was really blessed to have a great last year, I'm just as happy this year.
b) fatter or skinner? Far fatter.  I blame Catie but if I'm honest I should probably blame all the dessert I eat.
c) richer or poorer? Most definitely poorer. See #11.

15. What do you wish you’d done more of?
Eaten more vegetables.
16. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Spend time at a job that I hated.

17. Did you fall in love in 2009?

I fell in love with Catie.  The love I feel for her is so different than anything else and I can't imagine life without her.

18. What was your favourite TV program?
Till Debt do us Part or maybe Rich Bride Poor Bride

19. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

I'm so grateful that I don't

20. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Matt Nathanson

21. What was your favourite film of this year?

Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog.

22. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
28. Dinner with my best friend, it was just what I wanted.

23. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

I'm having a hard time coming up with something because it was a pretty good year.  I suppose owning our own house would have been really nice, that would have eliminated some of the less good things.  

24. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2009?

Maternity Wear

25. What kept you sane?

26. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
I really love Lindsay Price.  I don't think she's done anything particularly awesome but there's something really appealing about her.  

27. Who do you miss?

  Arvid and Jolayne.  Since moving to Lethbridge we don't get to spend as much time with them.  We were really lucky and just spent 5 days with them over Christmas and it was so much fun!

28. Who was the best new person you met?
Catie!  She sure fills up my day.

29. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009?

Motherhood is an amazing gift and I'm so blessed to be part of her life.

I promise, I really did do my best to not make this all about Catie but she really does take up just about all of my thoughts.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Highlights of 2009

This year brought about some really big changes, we moved to Lethbridge, Brad started a completely new program at a new school and most importantly it brought the arrival of our Catie.  She's been such a blessing and every day is so much fun, we sure love this girl.

Highlights of 2009

  1. Skating at Olympic Oval with IRC – January 9
  2. The discovery of baby Wiebeosaurus – January 10
  3. Sunday Dinner Reunion – January 17 
  4. Games at Mike's house – February 14
  5. Valentines Day – February 14 (Flowers and cupcakes)
  6. Getting to spread our pregnancy news – March 1
  7. Hearing Wiebeosaurus' heartbeat – March 24
  8. Seeing Catie for the first time – April 22
  9. The first softball game of the season – April 29
  10. Finding a place to live in Lethbridge – May 8
  11. Sarah Slean concert – May 30
  12. Shopping for maternity clothes with Barb – June 2
  13. Brad getting accepted into UofL – June 5
  14. Trip to the lake – July
  15. Birthday dinner at La Dolce Vita – July 8
  16. Finding another place to live in Lethbridge – July 17
  17. My last day of work – August 14 
  18. Galt Garden’s picnic – August 31
  19. The arrival of Catie (minus the actual labour part) – September 12
  20. Our Halloween Catie Cat – October 31
  21. Christmas with all the family (except James and Lucy sadly)

Lowlights of 2009

  1. Meeting with a lawyer and finding out our Brenda case wasn't as good as we had initially thought - January 28
  2. Being too pregnant to play softball and the injury that followed – May 27
  3. Having our Lethbridge house fall through a week before moving day and scrambling to find something else - July 15
  4. Noisy contractors in our basement while I was trying to get our brand new baby to sleep.
  5. The flat tire we got on our way up to Calgary
  6. Our new smoker of a basement neighbor.
This year has brought about a lot of changes for us.  We moved to a new city, Brad started a new program at a new school and Catie came into our lives.  We've been so blessed and all of these changes have brought such good things for us.  We love Lethbridge, it's fun to be close to my family and we like the small town feel for a change.  Brad's program is going so well, we feel he's being really well prepared for a future career.  I can't even find words to say how grateful we are for Catie.  She's obviously been the biggest change and it's been such a fun one.  Everyday she's a little bit different and we love to see her learn new things.  She's full of smiles and giggles and turns around a bad day so quick.

I'm excited to see what 2010 brings.