Saturday, June 29, 2013

What the Girls Wore #96

The theme of this post is going to be, Random Things Eden Puts in her Mouth.  Also, Eden has reached the age where she's especially difficult to photograph because she's so on the move, a lot of these photos are blurry but I'm using them anyway.

Everytime I turn around there's something new sticking out of her mouth, a hair clip.

A comb

More comb

I took Catie to the dentist for the first time and she was a rockstar.

I thought they were planning on counting her teeth only but she was was so relaxed about the whole thing that she got a full cleaning.

  She thought the glasses were cool, she got to watch Treehouse and when she was done she got a toy... what's not to love.

She liked the suction, thought it was funny and she thought the tooth brush tickled.

 Walk/Bike Ride

These girls are pretty darn lucky to have the best Dad ever.

Playing outside

 And continuing on with a rice cake

I've talked before about how much we've loved having Catie in gymnastics and not too long ago we went to our last class until September.  In the final class they let parents and siblings in and give them certificates at the end.

These foam tunnels were fun for Eden

Eden loved this tunnel the most and went through it over and over again.  Catie would lead the way and Eden would follow.

Getting her certificate

Continuing the things in Eden's mouth... rice cakes

The other day Eden figured out how to clap, it's adorable and she's so proud of herself everytime.

The other day in the car Catie and Eden were playing and Catie was pretend biting Eden's fingers.  Eden laughed and then Catie proclaim, "Eden, your so yummy!"  Love these girls.

 A hot day and some water on the deck

Two girls in a laundry basket

Monday, June 17, 2013

Canvas Art

Quite some time ago I went to a friends garage sale and scored this huge canvas for really cheap. I didn't know what I was going to do with it but I knew I would find a use so I bought it. It's been leaning against a wall for months and months. We have this big space above out mantel that was perfect for it so I finally got to work. 

Before I post a photo keep in mind that this canvas was impossible to photograph well, the details just don't show up well. 

I'm sure most of you have seen this pin, but it' $175. 

I took some heavy cardboard and cut out my letters, glued them on and then painted the whole thing ivory. 

The quote are lyrics from a song. The band is called Mae and the song is called The Sun and the Moon. It's the song we danced to at our wedding and Catie's middle name is Mae.

Sometimes this phrase is exactly how I feel, other times it's the reminder that I need. 

And I swear that from far away you can see exactly what it says, you don't even need to squint. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What the Girls Wore Part #2

One day Eden wandered off into our bedroom while I was in the living room.  She was there for quite some time before I went to investigate, I had forgot to close the bathroom door and she had a real good time.

We have the worst couches for fort building so I don't ever try but Brad gave it a go one day and Catie couldn't have been happier.  It wasn't terribly sturdy and won't happen often but it was fun while it lasted.

I pulled out my phone to try and get some photos of her teeth cause they're adorable but she very quickly became angry at me because I wouldn't give her my phone.  Not the teeth shot I was going for but I enjoyed it anyway.

Out for a walk on a nice day.  We're struggling with a bug phobia this year.  It wasn't there last year but for some reason Catie is terrified of all bugs, especially if they touch her.  We seem to be making progress but it's slow.

Hanging out at the park one day.

Eating lunch out on the patio.  Catie loves the picnic table Uncle Rob found for her.

I introduced Catie to freezies.  She ate three of them immediately following this one.  To say they were a hit is an understatement.  I think it's going to be the summer of the freezie.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What the Girls Wore Part #1

Eden was so proud of herself for getting those blades of grass in her mouth.  She was less pleased when I took them away.

Love these two girls together and they just love each other.  They are so sweet to one another and I love watching them together.

Bike riding. She's gotten to be pretty good this summer.

Playing outside on a hot summer day

We made our first trip to Calaway Park.  We went opening weekend so it was super busy but we still had a great time and this year she's even tall enough to ride the Ocean Motion.

Keeping herself busy while waiting in an especially long queue.

and this is what Eden did while we were at the park.

Eden has discovered her favourite place and unless the door is kept closed she has much on the toilet paper. She's silly thought she doesn't just want to unroll it, she needs it in her mouth too.

We decided Catie is old enough to start playing games so we introduced Uno, which is a huge hit, Chutes and Ladders and her favourite, Candyland.  I forsee many games in her future..

Funny how parenting is different with the second child.  We never would have let Catie sit on the table but with Eden we had no problem with it, temporarily of course.

I was behind on so many photos that I split this post into two, tomorrow will be round 2.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gallery Wall

Nothing like a party to give you the motivation you need to finally personalize your house. I'm having a party later this week (we'll talk about that in another post) and I wanted things to look a little better around here instead of just looking like I live in my in-laws (very nice) house so I started with a gallery wall.

Lets talk about the individual pieces and then I'll show you how we hung this baby. 

When Eden was first born we had some photos taken and most of the pictures come from there. Eden and Catie, and Me and Eden both come from that photo shoot. The emerald frame is a sketch we had done at Chucky Cheese shortly after we started dating, so it's 5 years old.  I painted the canvas using my Silhouette and some vinyl to make a template. 

I love the way this large family photo turned out for a couple reasons. One, the frame. I bought it ages ago and planned on painting it and turning it into a chalkboard for Catie. The longer I waited the more I didn't want to make one at all, I was pretty sure it would be messy and Catie isn't really a colouring type so I think she'd use it once or twice and be done. I pulled it out for this with visions of painting it but the more I looked at it the more I loved the gold. That inspired me to incorporate the gold in other pieces as well and I'm so pleased I did.

Reason two. Let me show you what this photo originally looked like.  This photo shoot was done by an amazing photographer but it was a quick mini shoot.  The backdrop of the duvet worked great in all the other photos but none of us thought to fix the backdrop for the family pic.  I just wasn't happy with the background.

Brad is amazing and worked some photoshop magic and now our photo is useable. 

I do want to get some glass for the frame, I think it would look a little more polished. 

Below it is the I love us picture. I had made it as a printable but because of its random size it was going to be difficult to have printed so instead I cut the letters and shapes on my Silhouette and then pasted them onto posterboard.  Same result for easier and cheaper. 

The wedding photo is pretty self explanatory, though it really needs to be reprinted with more space at the top, at night with the shadows you get a nice view of our chins. The photo of Catie is one I took and love the way it turned out. 

Here's a fact about me you may not know, I am really good at recreating someone else's idea but coming up with my own is not my forte.  You've probably seen this print on Pinterest, I had too and loved it some recreated it and printed it off. 

I saved my favourite piece for last. A simple W I gave to my I laws years ago. I took it off the wall and painted it cream (they can have mine when I find it in storage, it's the same as their original). I hung it up and it looked so boring. Brad had the great idea to paint the edges gold so I did and loved it but it still wasn't enough, it didn't pop. So I added the stencil that wraps around the edge and now I love this piece. It really adds interest to the whole piece. 

So now how this came together. I started by laying out my frames on the floor, notice my lovely drawings of the pictures I wanted to use?  It was here that the gold really started to grow on me. 

Now this wall is directly above the stairs so hanging it was tricky. 
To make it easier we payed our frames down on a very large piece of paper and made sure everything was level, the. It raced around each frame and then moved them. I cut out each square so we had a large paper with holes cut out. Then we hung the paper up on our wall. We could hang it on either side without it being to awkward because the sides were easy to reach. Then we pulled out the ladder, it leaned against the wall with the legs wedged between the rails of the stairs. Then Brad climbed up, I handed him a photo that was prepped with 3M hooks and he placed it on the wall in the hole we'd previously cut. There was no measuring or levelling, just pasting it up. The. We pulled down the paper and were done. 

Brad said he was pretty secure on the ladder until he looked down :)
There was definitely no way I was going up there. This wall is right across from the kitchen so every time I stand at the sink I get to stare at the wall.