Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To Sir With Love

“I made it just for you”

Let me paint you a picture… I’m lying on bed just finishing donating blood. There just happens to be a cute blood donor guy collecting all the bags of blood. My bed just happened to be close to his table… the above was my witty, flirty line

He responded with something like “It’s such a nice colour”. Heh heh, flirting over my blood.

There was a little more to the exchange but I’ll just leave you with that highlight.

Turns out cute blood donor guys make the whole process much more enjoyable

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Thirsty Dog

Picture it... Calgary... 2006...Friday Night

I stand in The Thirsty Dog (a pub), next to a pool table with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Not really my typical Friday night.

It all started on Thursday night, Will, a fairly new convert very randomly called me and invited me to check out this band he loves. The randomness of the call immediatley put me into excuse mode. Our Stake was having a Broadway Night that a friend and I had considered going to... we were going for sure now!

Friday dawns and Broadway night doesn't really work out... I now have no excuse. I don't want to just not do anything, especially in case he asks how Broadway night was and I don't want to go alone so I call up Will.

He tells me the location and time to meet him. As suspected it's a very smoky bar.
A bunch of his friends are there and they're pretty great people. Ayla was the owner of the beer and cigarette, I was playing pool with her and it was her turn to shoot.

Turns out I'm not so bad at pool if there's someone there to tell me exactly where to hit each ball... I sort of won twice and I was winning for a long time another game. I choose to believe that Will wasn't trying to let me win :)

There were some interesting characters there... there was the shirtless old man. He was wearing a fleece zip up sweater that was zipped down pretty far and there was no shirt underneath... don't underestimate the grossness of it.

Then there was the extremely drunk, hoe-ish girl. The kind of girl you instantly dislike, despite not knowing her at all. Like a train wreck, I couldn't stop watching as she threw herself at every male in the bar (I'm sure her boyfriend of two years would love that).

Then there was the drunk couple that started "dancing", it was entertaining.

It actually turned out to be a really fun, unusual night (don't worry Mom, I won't make a habit out of it and my date neither drank or smoke).