Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My back's a little sore, my legs are tired. My hands feel dirty and my hair is messy from the wind. Despite the loss we played a great game. We have lots of room to improve but I have high hopes for our second game. Most importantly I loved every minute of it. I could have played another game immediately after and been thrilled.

I also came to a realization. One that I've never really let myself admit before... I'm a decent player. I can catch, throw and my batting skills aren't terrible either. My goal is to stop doubting myself and just play the game I love.

So here's to 8 more week of Laura, the softball captain.
I'll see you on the field.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Clean house

The Floor is mopped, the bathroom sparkly. I vacuumed and dusted and did all the dishes, working on my third load of laundry and made the bed. the garbage has been taken out the cupboards wiped. I'm about to shower and then fix Brad's hoodie.

It's been a good Saturday and if feels nice to finally have a clean house again.
Let's see how long we can keep it this way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

To Busy to Blog

The overtime I've been accumulating is appreciated but I'm sure tired from this last week. I've been working on two really big projects so I've been super busy at work. Lots of late nights and skipped lunches.

These reports, and the way they're handled is fairly new so I'm allowed to be quite creative and I've put a lot of extra time and effort into them. Some of the people I've been working with have been difficult to deal with also so that was a challenge.

Today it payed off.
Damon, from our Atlanta office was helping to oversee the project so once I was done and had it all printed I sent him a hard copy. Today he called me and told me that this report is the nicest they've seen out there and he wants details on how I put it together and what paper I use so they can copy it and make this their new template.
Yesterday Tim came by, he's pretty much as high up in the office as it gets, and told me that he thinks this is the nicest report we've ever produced.

It's nice to have all the hard work be recognized and nice to know I'm building a name for myself there. This is something I'm good at so it great to have others see what I'm capable of.

Anyway, that's enough tooting my own horn for one night.
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The blow-dryer that couldn’t

I’ve had my blow-dryer for quite a few years, probably 6 and it’s always worked out well. It was pretty random how I got it… I went down to my parents for Christmas one year and back then my Dad was still manager of the Grocery store in Magrath. They’d been having problems with their freezers, they’d get to frozen and stop working so he took a blow-dryer from the attached Home Hardware and used it to thaw the freezers. Having been used to thaw a meat freezer it couldn’t really be re-sold, so offhand my Dad asked if I needed a blow-dryer. The one I had was on its last legs so I took it happily.

So here I am with the same blow-dryer. Over the past week or so I’ve noticed that it hasn’t seemed to get very hot so I was a little concerned but continued on like usual.
This morning right as I was finishing there was a horrible, loud whirring noise, the smell of burnt rubber/hair and a rattling noise. It’s fair to say the thing is dead.

So I think the plans for tonight will include the purchase of a brand new blow-dryer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A friend of mine’s parents used to think that if his room was messy his life must be messy too. Sure hope that’s not true because our house is a disaster! There’s clean laundry and dirty laundry to take care of. Dishes and scrapbooking stuff… maybe tonight will be clean up night; sometimes other things just seem more important.

Baby fever
I’ve sure started to feel baby pressure. There are a lot of girls around my age that are pregnant and though I know I’m not ready for babies yet it’s hard not to feel like I should be having one. I’m hoping the feeling passes quickly.

As of today Brad and I are 100% debt free! Thank you tax return for helping us pay off our car 1 year early, we’ll save $120 in interest. It’s a good day.

How did I get so lucky? I couldn’t have asked for better.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life Goals

Today has been such a nice day.

My boss is gone, that tends to increase production and decrease stress so Iwas extra productive. Here it is 3:00 and we don’t have anything left to do. It’s kind of nice to be so relaxed.

So I've slowly been adding to this list of things I'd like to accomplish in my life, what better place to share them than here...
  1. Go to the Conference Centre to watch the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional

  2. Stay at the Chateaux Lake Louise

  3. See Straylight Run in concert

  4. See the play Wicked

Not life changing activities but things I'd like to do one day.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Conference Weekend

Yay, it’s General Conference Weekend! That’s great for a couple reasons…

  1. I can sit on my couch in my pajamas and listen, all nice and comfy.
  2. I get to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Waffles are planned for Sunday with Jane and Ken, should be a yummy good time.
  4. I don’t have to teach a Sunbeam lesson on Sunday! Yay!

A few conference memories for you
I have this random memory that maybe my Mom can clear up. My parents went somewhere and so I (we? Were my siblings there? I don’t remember) stayed with the Barnett’s. Why the Barnett’s though? We weren’t particularly close to them… I never stayed with them again, it seems like a random choice. Why not the Todd’s or the Tanner’s? Anyway, so I stayed with the Barnett’s and we went to their Grandmas house to watch Conference and I was so bored! I actually had to watch! My parents weren’t super strict at making me watch Conference. Now I look forward to watching.

Cora and I used to host Pajama General. Those were good times! We’d invite tons of people over and you had to wear your pajamas and bring a waffle topping. We’d all squish in wherever there was room and eat waffles and hashbrowns until we were stuffed. Some favorite toppings include bananas, strawberry yogurt, mangoes and ice cream. Sadly that tradition died out when we no longer wanted to pay for cable.

One year Cora, Nathan, Peter and I road tripped down to conference and Nathan’s mission reunion. That was a great time! Nathan showed up with two girls and we did our very best to make him look good. Some notable events:

  • The morning Nathan and Cora woke up grumpier than you can imagine, I tried my best to drive the car without making either of them speak but I don’t really know how to drive a standard. Once on the highway everything was fine and as the morning went by they both cheered up considerably.
  • How ridiculously nervous Nathan was going through the border, for no reason.
    The amount of food we ate at the Olive Garden.
  • The disgusting person we sat beside in the Conference Centre who kept snorting… so gross! I could barely concentrate on the speakers I was so distracted.

So happy conference, I hope it’s relaxing and you learn something new.