Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chaise Upholstery

Well this chair was my first job that was for what can only be called a client. It sounds a little silly to me to say but it was too arms reach to call them a friend. They brought me the chair and the fabric and I got right to work. Here are the before's.

It was fine but dirty and torn and in definite need of updates.

 I took all the fabric off

And then started putting it back on.

Here's the back on

And the finished chair.

A side view. The chaise has legs but the client didn't bring them to me so I popped my couch legs on for some pictures.

and everyone likes a good side by side.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Retro Vinyl Chairs - Part 2

Anyone remember the cute vinyl chairs? They turned out great but I knew I had 4 more coming my way, plus two little kids sized chairs to go with the set. They were finally delivered and it turned out there are 4 like the previous ones, two different styles and then the two little kid ones.

I was already familiar with one style, they were no problem. The kid's chairs were easy and fun but that third style, it was a puzzler.

So here's the first style, no big deal.

And here's a before of the kid chairs. They were in pretty rough shape but cleaned up to be so cute.

And then like a bad blogger I forgot to take a picture of this third style. I do have this picture from behind. The problem is the curve. If I were using a traditional vinyl it would be no big deal, you heat it up and it stretches and it's fine but I used a faux leather instead which doesn't have nearly as much stretch.

Attempt number 1 was so bad it went undocumented and made me question my abilities but let's recap all the other attempts this chair took.

  1. 1. I tried sewing a cover and this attempt made me at least convinced that I'd be able to figure something out. There was some hope. In fact it would be perfect if not for all those wrinkles.
  2. Less wrinkles but sadly they're still there. Check out how those seams aren't actually where they're supposed to be either.
  3. Number 3 was the winner. It was my last idea, if this one didn't turn out I didn't know what I'd do. In fact, as I finished the last chair I used up my very last bit of fabric, if I made a mistake I don't know what I would have done. I love how the trim on these two matches the other 4.
So here are the three styles together (pardon all the background mess, just keeping things real).

And all 6 (there are two more of the squarish style but they'd already been delivered)

And how cute does it look with these chairs around the table

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