Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Best Cupcake You've Ever Eaten

Picture it...
  1. The perfect chocolate cupcake, not too cooked and dry. Just the right size too, not small or big (leave them wanting more)

  2. The best icing, sweet but not hurt your teeth sweet. Strawberry or Blackberry... you choose. Both made with real, pureed berried.

  3. Just when you think that's all there is to it there's a perfet little surprise waiting for you. A centre filled with light, fluffy cream cheese goodness.

What did I tell you? The best cupcake you've ever eaten (sorry, no modesty here).
Bet you're wishing for one right now :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

There's an Ogre in my Shoes

You ever feel like an ogre woke up in your place?

I'm grouchy today, unreasonable grouchy. I suppose I could blame it on lack of sleep but since I chose to stay up late it's not really a very good excuse.

It's taking all my energy to keep myself in check and not inappropriately rip someone's head off. I'm seriously concerned for Betty... one wrong move and I could blow.

Be patient with me today, I'll be my usual cheery self tomorrow, promise.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Salt on the Shoulder

So I have this new theory for life

Whatever you decide to do you just have to commit to it.

Let me tell you how this came about (you’ll probably think I’m silly). So I’m making this ice cream pie, and it’s a really good pie. Skor bits, chopped up peanut butter cups and chocolate chunks mixed inside ice cream with a yummy corn flak-y, caramel-y crust. Then on top I drizzle peanut butter and chocolate as the finishing touch. It’s delicious and good looking.

So I’m about to drizzle the chocolate and as I take the spoon full of chocolate from the bowl to the pie to artfully drizzle I chicken out, I hesitate, I get nervous. What do I end up with? A blob of chocolate.

Example #2 – I’m out to dinner with friends and someone knocks over the salt, “What shoulder are you supposed to toss it over?” It’s the left, so she picks up the salt shaker and goes to toss but halfway through changes her mind... salt all over her shoulder.

One more... boys are so different. You take a paperclip; untwist it halfway so it will stand by itself pointing straight up. Take your palm and slam it on the upright paperclip (I know, the girls are thinking “why?”). If you do it with confidence the paper clip crumples. If you chicken out halfway through, the paper clip sticks in your palm.
Where am I going with this? Whatever you’re doing you just have to commit or you’re going to end up with a blob of chocolate, the paperclip will be stuck in your hand and you’ll have salt all over your shoulder. Had I just committed and drizzled with confidence it would have been beautiful, I’ve done it before. The same is true in life, just commit, give it your all and don’t chicken out. If you’re going to do something than you’d better really do it.

There should be no half way in life.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Betty Strikes Again

Remember Betty, the batty one?

This girl is not normal. She’s the kind of personality that you have to walk on egg shells around because you know that even if you mention it to her it won’t make a difference... she just doesn’t get it.

Well today she crossed the line. Maybe I wasn’t feeling very tolerant today but I can’t take it anymore! I won’t tell you what happened because it’s a long and boring story but I didn’t put up with it. I emailed her and told her it wasn’t okay. She rudely email back and things didn’t really end very well but I have hopes that somewhere deep down it made an impression on her. I want her to at least realize that I won’t accept that kind of treatment. I fully intend to call her on her rude behavior in the future too.

So here’s to standing up for myself!!

Monday, November 6, 2006

Good and Bad

I did it!

How long have I been complaining about wanting a raise? Well I finally did something about it today. I asked my manager if we could have a meeting so we headed off to a board room.

I told her that I’d been wanting to mention for a long time now that I really feel I deserve a raise. There was a co-worker who’d left to pursue a new job and since she’d left my role had changed. I have taken on more responsibility and I’ve been happy to do it.

The good part is she wholly agreed that my role has changed and that I deserve a raise. The bad part is she said raises only happen here in April. So apparently I’ll have to wait. I’m not sure if that’s an acceptable response but it will do for now. She also told me the percentage the raise usually is and it’s going to be way lower than I want it to be but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. I also mentioned that there are some courses I’d like to take and she was very receptive to that. She told me names of a couple people in the office who could probably help give me some direction with what courses would be most helpful. She also told me that she’s mentioned my change in role to the next higher up so when April comes that should help with the percentage of the raise.

All in all it was a good conversation, I didn’t get the results I wanted but I still feel good about it.