Monday, April 30, 2007


So I know it’s been a while since the last post but there’s just a lot of pressure... this is officially entry number 100. Hard to believe I’ve posted that many times.

My company moved offices this weekend, I’ve been trying to get settled in this new space. It’s nice. Different but nice. This morning they were painting the walls by the elevator banks, we’re the only tenants in the building and there’s no air conditioning, you’d think that means the building is hot but it’s surprisingly the opposite and it’s freezing in here today! I’m drinking hot chocolate hoping to warm up.

To commemorate this milestone entry here is a list, 100 of my favorite things

  1. A Clean House
  2. A Day in the Life
  3. A Good Nights Sleep
  4. Apple Juice
  5. Babies
  6. Bath & Body Works
  7. Blogs
  8. Brad
  9. Broccoli
  10. Cake
  11. Carrots
  12. Cats
  13. Cheesecake
  14. Chinese Food
  15. Christmas
  16. Clean Sheets
  17. Concerts for Bands I Love
  18. Cooking
  19. Cooking Dinner for Brad
  20. Crave Cupcakes
  21. Cutting Brad’s Hair (preferably with the guard on :)
  22. Dark Chocolate
  23. Days Off
  24. Downloaded TV Shows with no Commercials
  25. Family
  26. Finding the Perfect Card
  27. Flowers Delivered to my Office
  28. Friends
  29. Genealogy
  30. Girl Movie Marathons
  31. Girls Nights
  32. Gummy Bears
  33. Hawaii
  34. Holding Hands with Brad
  35. Horses
  36. Hosting Parties
  37. Hot Chocolate when I’m Cold
  38. How Quiet My Office is Right Now
  39. Irena Smith
  40. Kissing
  41. Lack of Clutter
  42. Lappy
  43. Laughing
  44. Lions
  45. Lipgloss
  46. London
  47. Mail Merge
  48. Makeup
  49. Making April
  50. Making Brad Blush
  51. Max Factor, Calorie 2000 Mascara
  52. Mika – Grace Kelly
  53. Movies that Make Me Jump
  54. Music
  55. My Bed
  56. My Cell Phone
  57. My Gamecube
  58. My iPod
  59. My Kitchenaid
  60. My Sparkly Diamond Ring
  61. My Wedding Invitations
  62. Napkins
  63. New Clothing Before It’s Been Washed
  64. New Haircuts
  65. New Socks
  66. Pedicures
  67. Perfume
  68. Pictures
  69. Pie
  70. Pompeii
  71. Puerto Vallarta
  72. Quiet Moments
  73. Reading
  74. Run Kid Run
  75. Salt & Vinegar Chips
  76. Saved by the Bell
  77. Saved by the Bell – The College Years... sigh, Professor Lasky
  78. Shopping (when you have money)
  79. Sleeping in Late on Saturdays
  80. Straylight Run
  81. Summer
  82. Swimming
  83. Tablecloths
  84. The Ballet
  85. The Cello
  86. The Hush Sound
  87. The perfect pair of shoes
  88. The stationary tray that’s attached to my new desk
  89. The Temple
  90. The Wedding Website
  91. This Fish
  92. Those Mac commercials
  93. TV Box Sets
  94. Typing
  95. Veronica Mars
  96. Watching Brad Squirm and Laugh While I Tickle Him
  97. Waxed Eye Brows
  98. Weddings
  99. Wrapping Gifts
  100. Yo-yo Ma

Here's to another 100 entries :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ode to Mom

Why is it that when you’re upset and sad and things are falling apart that no matter how hard you try to tell yourself the rational things you know should make you fell better, they just don’t stick, they don’t set in.

So you call your Mom. She says the exact same things you’ve been thinking yet somehow this time they matter. They make a difference and you listen.

Mom’s are magic like that.

Monday, April 23, 2007

In Preparation for the Beach

Some friends and I decided to go out for dinner on Friday. We felt like Mexican so we headed down to Bowness for some Salt & Pepper. It was busy so we sent Al in to get our name on the list. The rest of us waited outside shivering in the light snow.

Unexpectedly the manager pokes his head outside, points at us and says, you guys, come with me. We were surprised we were getting a table ahead of so many others but we followed, happy to not be outside. We were mistaken though; he wasn’t taking us to a table but a new place to wait. He leads us to their outside patio, turns on the heat lamps and leaves saying he’ll be back when our table’s ready.

It turned out to be the most pleasant surprise. The patio was covered so we were sheltered from the snow, the heat lamps kept us warm. I found some mini lights and plugged them in and we had our own little private Mexican patio. The building next door had water running off the roof providing a lovely rain soundtrack. The only think it needed were some pretty drinks and some matches to light the tiki torches... Puerto Vallarta, I’m ready for you, here I come.

We eventually got a real table and had some delicious food but I missed the patio a little.

The Dairy Queen after probably wasn’t the best choice, a person can only hold so much food.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Until this empty place is filled, I’ll keep pretending

Consider "this emply place" filled

Here's to good friends who have the ability to make me feel better with such surprising compliments.

I really needed that today, Thanks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Isn't it about Time

So I'm sure some of you have noticed already...

I've decided it's time to start using the Google calendar feature. Nathan H will be happy to hear this and I hope he's excited when he gets the invitation I sent. I was sending an email this morning and happened to look at the top where it tells you all the other features Google has to offer, I don't use a single one of them. I'm going to change that.

I'm taking advantage of those features available... don't be surprised if you get an invitation via your google calendar :)

p.s. I suspect the novelty will wear off quickly

Friday, April 13, 2007

Shiny, Happy People

Greatest new discovery of last night...

The Hush Sound

Check them out, worth your time.

I went to the Hellogoodbye concert. Honestly, it’s not a band I’m all that fond of but Boys Like Girls was with them and they’re a band I LOVE, so I jumped at the chance to go when a free ticket was offered to me. Hellogoodbye is a band that is much loved by 14 year old girls, needless to say I was pretty much the oldest one there. The band is poppy and a little synthesized, I’m trying to paint you a picture of the band so you can envision the group that was there to see them. Shiny, happy, colorful boys and girls (there’s a point to this, really).

The concert was at Mac Hall in the upstairs ballroom, there just happened to be a concert in the downstairs ballroom too... Black Label Society was playing. They are most definitely a metal band.

So we walked in to get in line for our concert and were immediately worried that we’d got the date wrong or maybe the location... stretching out in front of us is this black and scary looking line up full of tough guys in leather and did I mention black?

Picture it, two long lines stretched out across the food court, on one side you have black, scary, death, on the other shiny, happy, bubbly teens. Funny.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pleasure in Pain

I have a problem
It can be summed up in 4 small words

Salt and Vinegar Chips

I’m only allowed to eat small bags now. That’s usually enough to fix the problem.
On Tuesday I ate a small bag of chips, on Wednesday I ate another. Bad Laura

“In a perfect world, every bag of salt and vinegar chips would burn off my tongue, but that's just me.”
- Chris Stewart, Beware the Cheese

I can absolutely understand this thinking. I love the burning, the intense flavour. Yet here I am days later with this “fuzzy” tongue.

The burning gets worse as I get older... you’d think I’d learn but part of me loves the pain!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Shoe, Two Shoe, Red Shoe, Blue Shoe

A couple years ago I was a bridesmaid at a friends wedding.
As is usual the bride had a specific set of clothing in mind for us to wear so she provided a skirt, shirt, earrings, necklace and shoes. I lucked out and the clothing provided was all really cute, something I was comfortable in.

Let me talk about the shoes for a minute.
They were flat, and black, rounded toe with this cute “leather” bow that came across. They were cute, I liked them. I wore them to the wedding and was comfortable all day; my feet didn’t hurt, even after standing in the receiving line.

So why now and every time after, when I try to wear these shoes again are they incredibly painful?! I can go for about an hour, and that’s a stretch. But I wore them all day! With no complaints! I don’t’ understand.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eyebrow Eve Redux

I’m giving in to the pressure.
I cannot take one more mean comment about Eyebrow Eve and so I’ve removed it.
You’ve refused to leave it, to let it go. I thought it best for me to stay out of it, to not respond to comments, to let us agree to disagree but that wasn’t enough for you.
I was trying to stay true to the blog... to leave my thoughts on, to not give in and remove it but you felt that you should make me feel terrible because you didn’t like what I said.

I read and re-read the blog entry and I just do not find it offensive. I’m sorry that it offended you and I’m also sorry that you felt it necessary to leave me mean comments.

I never claimed my blog to be anything but my thoughts...

I’m sure you won’t agree with this but comments will not be allowed on this post. Because it’s my blog I can do that. I know how you feel; you think I’m a bully. You think that I was trying to impress my friends, you think I’m mean. I get it. I don’t need to hear it from you again. You’re wrong. You didn’t understand me.

I want to move on. I don’t want to rehash this topic over and over so if more comments are left regarding it I will remove them.

If I’ve offended you and you feel the need to stop reading the blog then I can understand that... if you want to stick around then I’m more than happy to have you here.

Let’s just be friends again

Friday, April 6, 2007

4 Things About Me

An email forward I received that I surprisingly chose to not only respond to but post here
  1. Four Places I have Lived
    - Magrath
    - 3 different houses in Calgary

  2. Four TV Shows I love to watch
    - Veronica Mars
    - Buffy the Vampire Slayer :)
    - Lois & Clark
    - Grey's Anatomy

  3. Four of my favorite Foods
    - Lime Grilled Chicken
    - Really Greasy Pizza :)
    - Cheesecake
    - Callebaut Dark Chocolate

  4. Four Places I would rather be right now
    - Somewhere warm alternating between the beach and in the ocean
    - Eating Breakfast
    - I'm in bed... it's pretty awesome
    - On my honeymoon

  5. Four Movies I could watch over & over
    - The Cutting Edge
    - Dirty Dancing
    - Centre Stage
    - Girl on the Bridge

Feel free to add your own

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Conversing with Betty

Betty - "Bless you"

Me - "Bless me?" Confused, bless you is normally something one would say after a sneeze but I didn't just sneeze.

Betty - "Oh you sneezed about 20 minutes ago"

20 minutes ago? Are you for real? Let it go!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I'm Not Alone

I Hate Facebook!

I REFUSE to join, don't try and convince me!!!

It's a fad, that's all, I don't think it will last. I have a blog and email addresses, I'm good. I don't need more.

People always say, "I joined Facebook and reconnected with all these people I haven't talked to in years." If I haven't talked to them in years then I don't need to start now.

I feel very strongly about my hate of Facebook and it turns out I'm not alone!

Thanks to CATTY, I found this great article

A quote to sum up my general feelings on Facebook

"Facebook brings back behaviour that went out with plaid shirts, Tuffs boots and Nirvana. From competing over who has the most friends to sending snide notes to “check out so-and-so's ‘friends,' ” it's Grade 11 all over again.

Facebook gives people the ability to maintain the high-school mentality,” says Tracy Cohen, a 28-year-old television producer in Toronto. “You judge others based on the number of friends they have, and the people who were nerds or losers in high school try to say to the cool high-school people, ‘Hey, look at me now!' ”

I don't need another invite to your Facebook page so that you look like you have more friends. I want real friends, not electronic friends.

Monday, April 2, 2007

List Time

I think it's time for a good list or two...

Music I love right now
  1. Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
  2. Relient K - Bite My Tongue
  3. Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye
  4. Relient K - Deathbed
  5. Anything by Run Kid Run
  6. Anything by Mae (they've been rediscovered)

Concerts I've been to, or am going to in the near future
  1. The Producers (does that count as a concert?) - March 27th
  2. The CPO with Barb Wiebe (Future Mother-in-law) - March 30th
  3. Snow Patrol/Silversun Pickups/OK Go - April 9th
  4. Hellogoodbye/Boys Like Girls - April 11
  5. Jann Arden - May 17th
That is all for today