Friday, May 3, 2013

What the Girls Wore #94

Lets take a moment to enjoy some super cute ladies...

We went down to visit my parents and Eden crawled up on this box and hung out there, pleasantly stuck for quite some time.

A friend brought over some puppies... they were a huge hit!  Catie couldn't stop talking about the black puppies.

Licking her, she loved every minute of them.

Love when these ladies play together, they both love when Daddy helps them play horsey.

We ate chocolate fondue for Family Home Evening one night and it was a really big hit!  Just after I took this photo Catie asked how her lipstick looked :)

She's growing up so quick.  Gotta love that fluffy hair hey?

This girl loves to stand, will pull herself up on anything she can find.

Catie went to a princess birthday party, she was all dressed up and ready to go and I couldn't believe how grown up she was.

My two girls

Eden has this silly habit.  She crawls around on the floor and finds something to put in her mouth, in this case a piece of ribbon.  She puts it in her mouth and then continues crawling while it hangs out, I think it's adorable so I tend to leave things around for her to find, like this piece of ribbon.

We went to the grocery store and were having such a pleasant time, I was struck by how things have really turned around and we've entered this really good phase.

I put Eden in the cart like usual, using the seatbelt, you can see the evidence of that in the above photo, so I have no idea how she managed to end up in this position.

She was very proud of herself.

And this lady looked so perfect that a picture was mandatory.

I've been pretty vocal about the fact that I don't love this baby phase.  People say all the time that their babies are growing up too quickly but for me it's the opposite, I wish she'd grow up a little quicker.  I've had a few people ask me when it changes for me, when I do enjoy things and I've decided it's now.  Eden is almost 9 months and I think she's delightful.  She can look at me from across the room and instead of whine she crawls so determinedly over.  She's sleeping well, she eats real food and she occupies herself some of her time.