Friday, December 12, 2014

Updated Living Room

I love this room. It's definitely my space in the house and I can't seem to quit tinkering.

I used some leftover fabric from the ottoman to make a new pillow.

I like the herringbone on the grey fabric and the way it looks on the chair.

I also added this cute 3D star to my gallery wall. It was a maroon-y red before so naturally I painted it gold (I swear I'm calling it quits on the gold). I have two more pillows to make for the couch (only one of them includes gold) and then I'm not sure I can possibly do anything else to this space.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Emerald Ottoman Take 2

Anyone remember my DIY tufted ottoman? It was green and super cute, for about a week. I had used satin fabric because it was all I could find in the right colour and it turned out to be a terrible choice. It was water marked, didn't hold it's shape and the covered buttons kept popping off. In not very long it looked like this. Notice how the pleats are all messy.

I also just couldn't ever make myself love the square, straight legs. I ended up using a Pinterest image as inspiration and painted them to add interest (surprise, surprise I used gold paint). The fabric is a much better colour and I've been using it for about a month and it looks exactly the same as when I first covered it.

I also added a little more foam and deep tufted the ottoman, it's much closer to what I had initially imagined.

Here's a different view of the legs. I love that they look curvy now even though they're just the same square legs.

I'm obviously not an expert at tufting because it's not perfect but I'm really happy with it. Here are a couple more pictures.

Look how deep those buttons are. I used different types of buttons, paired with a large amount of glue so hopefully they'll remain intact this time.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deer Head Coaster

So how does everyone feel about the deer head trend? Have you noticed it at all? I sure have and I love it. There are an specially large amount of deer head silhouettes kicking around and I knew I wanted one for my living room.

Plus I have my awesome coffee table. Story for you, my sister-in-law came over and we had glasses of water that got placed onto the coffee table. I sat there thinking about the money I spent on that coffee table paired with the water dripping off her glass and it made me a little crazy until I finally reached over and wiped off her glass. Like a loser. So perhaps some coasters were called for.

I found these teak square ones at TJ Max for $8.00, a perfect blank canvas.

A little modpodge and glitter, paired with a vinyl stencil.

I didn't love the twine they'd threaded so I replaced it with some bakers twine. Probably not the greatest colour but it was that or red and that seemed too Christmasy.

I have four of them but it's a bit much for the coffee table so I've put two of them away.

I can now comfortably forget about the water and my coffee table and act like a grown up yet I also get to love my sparkly, deer head coasters.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Glitter Christmas Lights

This is a project I've been wanting to do now for a couple of years but I hadn't ever got around to it. Enter my Mom who of course, just happens to have the supplies on hand. I brought the modpodge, she had everything else so it cost us nothing.

It was a super satisfying project and so simple.
You just take some old Christmas lights, any colour, coat them with modpodge and then coat them in glitter. Shake off the excess and you have magic, sparkly lights. Toss them in a bowl and you have a cute Christmas decoration.

Mom went with a cute blend of brown, silver and light green.

Surprise surprise, I chose gold and emerald green. I stacked them in this cute square vase and put in on the built in shelf under the mirror in our front entrance.

They're exactly what we wanted, you should make some.
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