Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Relient K!!

So last night I went to this fantastic concert. I went to see Relient K! They’re such a great band, if you don’t know who they are you should go here and check them out…it’ll be worth your time.

So it was my first real “mosh pit” experience. Up until this point when the opportunity to mosh presented itself I’ve opted out but this time I was with some fun, hard core moshers so I committed and in I went. I’ve gotta admit, I enjoyed the experience a whole lot more than I expected and I was a lot tougher that I thought I’d be, I discovered that I can hold my own in the pit.

We maneuvered our way in and eventually, after shoving like mad we made it up to the very front. We pushed, we jumped we screamed and got soaked as security gave us water. We decided it should be a rule that all girls must put their hair up in the pit because dealing with girl’s hair everywhere is unpleasant.

The opening bands were Maxeen (pretty great), you can check them out here and The Rocket Summer who I think are super lame but you might like them…you can go here It doesn’t get any more EMO than this. I did touch the lead singer’s leg as he crowd surfed over me, too bad it wasn’t someone I actually liked. I got a guitar pick from Relient K though, that’s something right?

Sadly the night had to end sometime and before we knew it, it was all over. We lay exhausted at home drinking water and drying off.

Thanks for making it a great night Aaron, Kim, Irena and Mikyla (sorry about the spelling)