Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Initial Planning

So soon after I got engaged I called my Mom, actually now that I think about it I called her before I was "officially" engaged, and we talked about a bunch of things that I wanted. I told her about some decoration ideas I had along with some other info.

Since that conversation every time I talked to my Mom she'd suggest a new idea that would replace an idea I'd already told her... I started to get really frustrated, feeling like she hated all of my ideas.

The other day I reached a breaking point (this is really less dramatic than I'm making it sound :), and said, "I already told you this... have you been listening to me at all?"

She was surprised and didn't remember ever talking to me about it... that's when it all came clear...

My Mom has difficulty sleeping, my siblings will know where I'm going with this. She takes sleeping pills to help her get through the night. If you're having a conversation and Mom has taken her pills chances are she's not going to remember the conversation at all.

So it's not that she hated the ideas, it's that she didn't remember we'd talked about them!


Anonymous said...


Congratulations! I hope the planning goes great. Send me an email if you remember who I am. I haven't been a good writer--I still have the cowboy pencil titled "write 'em".

J.D. Bowns (former calgary missionary)


Jbear said...

Is the wedding website ready yet?