Friday, October 12, 2007

Jimmy Eat World

I'm sure you've all been waiting to hear about the concert so here goes.

I really love Jimmy Eat World, I mean really love them, so when I heard they were coming to Calgary I was excited and bought tickets as soon as they were available.

On the night of the concert we met up with Dave and Naomi and heard on the radio that the concert was delayed for an hour. We were glad we heard about it before we got there so we didn't have to wait around for longer.

The opener was a group called Maritime. They were not good but we put up with them, waiting for Jimmy.

I'm sad to say that the concert ended up being dissapointing. Don't get me wrong, the music was incredible, the sound was probably the best I've ever heard at a concert and the lighting was so good. But the band didn't interact with us at all. They came out, introduced their songs and then they were done. They came out and did an encore but had no energy at all.

After the concert the crowd went out to buy merchandise only to discover there wasn't any. Apparantly the band got held up at the border. That's why the concert was late, the merchandise never came and they were super bummed.

I'd be interested in seeing them again because I've heard good things about their concerts. Hopefully they come back.

I'm posting some pictures and videos, so enjoy!