Monday, June 9, 2008

Lauryn Love

I think most of you probably know that at church I teach the Sunbeams, they're 3-4 and they're so adorable. I only have three kids and one of them is this really special girl, Lauryn. She's one of those girls that's smart and well spoken and well behaved and an all around angel. She responds when questions are asked and is so cute.

This Sunday as we were leaving the chapel and heading for Sunbeams I saw Lauryn in the hall so we stopped to say hi. I noticed a sweater on the couch and wanted to make sure it didn't get left. She has a younger brother and the sweater looked small so I assumed it was his, I picked it up and asked if it was her brother's. Her response really made my day. "No Silly Billy, it's my sweater."

She's 4 and she called my a Silly Billy! How cute is that?
It's moments like this that make me think I need to have babies now :)