Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Foot

Here's one thing you probably don't know about me... I hate buying shoes.

There are two different reasons, the first being I'm really bad at it. I know that sounds silly but I often buy these shoes that I think are great and then after one wear realize they're so painful I'll probably never use them again. It's really frustrating and has made me really wary of buying any, I don't want to waste my money if I'm not going to wear them.

The second is even worse, I was cursed with big feet. Nothing makes me feel more fat then going in and asking for big shoes, and my feet happen to be wide as well, it's not a good combination.

When one of my few trusted pairs finally gives out I put off getting new ones as long as possible and I dread the shopping trip every time. It's finally come to a point where new ones really are a necessity thought. The soul in the shoes I most often wear to work have collapsed and as a temporary fix I've stuffed them with napkins.

This weekend Brad and I went down to Magrath and as a belated birthday present my Mom gave me some money to buy something for myself. This was a perfect opportunity for some new shoes so I set out with Brad (he's proven to be a
great help in determining whether or not they're going to hurt me) and found these really cute black shoes that I'm a little in love with. I'm mostly posting the picture
s so Mom can see what a great gift she got me.

Thanks Mom, Love you!