Friday, October 31, 2008

The Break-in

Poor luck has befallen us. They say bad things come in three's right?
  1. Our microwave broke. We're not as devastated as some would be and have even decided to go without for a while but I miss microwave popcorn, we need to get some Jiffy Pop.
  2. Then we had the pipe leak (pleased to say the fix has held up).
  3. The worst out of the three, and hopefully the last, our car was broken into.
    Parked in our designated parking stall at our building and of course they break that little back window, the really expensive one. So what did they take? First let's talk about what they didn't take… the iPod and a bunch of cd's. What did they take? It makes me a little sick to think about it.

    Brad's really nice backpack which happened to be full of $300 worth of text books, an $80 calculator and some crappy headphones; nothing of value to anyone but us.

Here's hoping for some better luck


Julie Lewis said...

Curses on whoever broke into your car! That sucks.

Denise said...

Trust me, I know exactly the pain and violation of car break-ins.

I forgot to mention my car got broken into for the third time in less than six months the other day. And what did they take? A Snickers that I had forgotten to take inside and was all melty and misshapen.

Hopefully you luck has changed.

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha, a melty snickers. I actually thought about you when it happened and wished we had your car thief. At least he's considerate.

Jenn said...

That is so sad! Last year we had someone break into our car and steal the cd player. The funny thing is, our car was by far the crappiest in the parking lot, and that same night they took the nicest, newest truck out of the same parking lot. Weirdos.